Steve Case, The Revolution Venture Fund, and the “Rise of the Rest”

Pockets across the country are slowly, but surely, turning into technology hotspots. While traditional Venture Capital funds tend to be focused in Silicon Valley and New York City, there is a slow migration underway. This migration is happening throughout the country: the flyover states of the Midwest, the Southeast, New England, and "Everywhere Else." The only thing that everywhere else is truly lacking, is ready access to capital. True, there are VCs and firms everywhere, but not nearly in the same density or with the same level of funds as those in the Valley and NYC. Monday, however, a new fund was launched. A fund of the likes of those in the Valley, but specifically for the rest of the country. This will go down as a watershed moment for everywhere else.

How to Get Acquired by Google, Citrix, or Red Hat

"Often times the company is worth no more to us with $10M in revenue than it was with $5M, or even $50M for that matter, because the way we're thinking about it is the impact that they can make on our business. That is not going to be necessarily driven by their existing mode of generating revenue."

Pinnatta Raises Another $1.5M Ahead of a Major Update

Pinnatta, as their new Facebook Cover Photo captures, just announce that it has raised a $1.5M Series A round. The round, led by Odyssey Venture Partners and PJ Tech Catalyst, brings their total to-date funding to $2.2M

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After Reality TV Show, Mark Cuban Backs EdTech Startup Ranku

If the name Kim Taylor sounds familiar to you that's because she appeared on the recent Bravo reality tv show called "Startups: Silicon Valley". The show received critical reviews from both sides of the fence. Many were intrigued by seeing what the producers interpreted startup life as while others thought it was greatly over exaggerated. [...]

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Balihoo Banks A $5 Million Investment to Expand Local Marketing Platform

Balihoo, provider of local marketing automation technology, announced last Friday that they have secured an additional $5 million in venture funding from OpenView Venture Partners. The new funding will be use primarily to fuel the continued growth of both the company itself, and the expansion of the marketing platform.

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The Harvard University Experiment Fund, A New Spin On The Startup Accelerator?

The Experiment Fund is already breaking down some of the traditional barriers between venture capital and the university system. In a little more than a year and a half of operation, the startups in Xfund's portfolio have raised a total of more than $10 million. It is hard to imagine that this trend from a University in Boston, well outside of Boston, does anything but continue to build momentum.

Equity Crowdfunding in 2013 by MicroVentures CEO Tim Sullivan

The term “Crowdfunding,” has become 2012’s clichéd, yet poorly defined, term for entrepreneurs to obtain “easy” startup capital from angel investors.

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The Factory Co-Founder Jeremy Vaughan | The Innovators Interviews

“BizSpark is one of those programs that really help startups. It’s proof that Microsoft is moving into the startup game. There are two tiers: One is the free licensing for a whole bunch of products, but the really cool one, which only accelerators and incubators offer, is the BizSpark Plus…”

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