Sony: EA Access is not, “good value to the PlayStation gamer”

Almost as soon as the new EA/Xbox One platform was announced - EA Access - Sony fired back with a subtle comment. It was strange for EA Access to be 100% exclusive to Xbox, thus GameInformer reached out to the Japanese company. In a response, Sony offered some alternate views of the new game platform: [...]

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Uber Finally Hits The Windows Phone App Store

  It is no secret that the Windows Phone App store is pretty barren. Sure, you have all of the standard Facebook's and Twitter's, but there is an incredible distance between the sort of selection you find on the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. While the selection is sparse, the market share of [...]

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Microsoft Wants To Buy Your Macbook Air

Microsoft's been toying with the idea that a tablet can replace a laptop. They first tried to drive home that theme when they released the original Surface Pro tablets two years ago. With the Surface Pro 2 they mildly suggested that you could perhaps replace your laptop with a tablet. Now, with the Surface Pro [...]

Microsoft launches Nokia X2: V2 of the Android Experiment

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Microsoft acquisition of Nokia's device business concerned Nokia's Android devices. The popular thought was that Microsoft would begin phasing out the Android devices, in favor of its own Windows Phone OS. However, it seems that Microsoft will continue Nokia's Android push, at least for the time being. On [...]

Microsoft to Begin Phasing out Nokia Brand

On Wednesday June 11, @evleaks published an internal Nokia document. This document, among other things, revealed that Microsoft will phase out all Nokia branding. Microsoft will no longer be carrying the Nokia name on any devices in the near future. The leaked document included an FAQ section. Within this section, the first FAQ really stands [...]

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Nokia’s Next Wave of Flagships to Include 3D Touch Technology

Ever since Microsoft completed its purchase of Nokia's Device Business back in late April, there has not been a whole lot of news about Windows Phone. Sure, there were some hints here and there, but no real solid news. That changed a few days ago. @evleaks recently published a look at the the upcoming product [...]

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According to Reports, a Microsoft Smartwatch is on the Horizion

There is news coming out of Forbes that Microsoft has its eyes on a new market: wearables. According to Parmy Olsen: Microsoft is the latest technology giant preparing to jump into the wearables market, with plans to offer a sensor-rich smartwatch that measures heart rate and synchs with iPhones, Android phones and Windows Phones, Forbes has learned.Parmy Olsen, Forbes, [...]

Ballmer Victorious In $2 Billion Dollar Bid For Clippers

$3 billion dollars could be you Beats Music and Beats by Dre headphones, but $2 billion could by you the Los Angeles Clippers. As we speculated earlier this week former Microsoft CEO, Steve "sweaty pits" Ballmer has emerged victorious in his bid for the Los Angeles Clippers. The tenured, computer executive is actually good for [...]

Could Steve Ballmer Be The Next Microsoft Alum To Own An NBA Team

Reports have been hot and heavy that Steve Ballmer could end up the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. Originally tipped by TMZ and then corroborated by a variety of other sites, are reports that say Shelly Sterling has been in secret discussions with Ballmer about selling the team. After the Donald Sterling racism debacle, [...]

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Microsoft Launches the Surface Pro 3, and Wants to Replace Laptops

On Tuesday, May 20, Microsoft unveiled the new Surface Pro 3. Along with the new device, it seems that Microsoft has finally nailed their marketing strategy and pitch for the Surface line. Panos Panay, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Surface (pictured above), made a statement that encapsulates the new marketing strategy: So many people carry [...]

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