The Price Wasn’t The Only Thing That Changed For Xbox One

The world went crazy earlier this week when it was announced that Microsoft was releasing a new version of the Xbox One for $100 less, without the Kinect peripheral. While the news was being shouted from the rooftops of all tech and gaming blogs across the globe, it wasn't like this was a big surprise. [...]

Microsoft Completes the Purchase of Nokia’s Devices Business

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and VP of Microsoft Devices Group Stephen Elop On Friday, Microsoft completed the acquisition of Nokia Devices and Services business. This acquisition brings several key components from Nokia into Microsoft: "Microsoft acquires Nokia’s smartphone and mobile phone businesses, its design team, most of its manufacturing and assembly facilities and [...]

Microsoft, HP, and Pearson Launch a Higher Ed. Tablet

On Wednesday, April 23, Microsoft and HP made a major bet on India. The two companies, in a move targeting technical and management students, "announced an HP tablet with Windows 8.1 with embedded Pearson educational content."Microsoft India News Center, "MSFT, HP and Pearson launch Windows tablets for higher education in India," 23 April 2014. [...]

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Parents Can Earn Surface Tablets For Schools With Bing In The Classroom Program

Microsoft is expanding their Bing in the classroom program. The company is hoping to improve their market share against rivals Google and Yahoo and as we've seen time and time again, the classroom can be a very lucrative place to do that. The new Bing in the Classroom program actually has some really great points [...]

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Microsoft to Allow Developers to Respond to App Reviews

Microsoft, during the //build/ conference, "announced that the option would be available for developers to respond to reviews."Bernardo Zamora, Official Windows Blog, "Respond to App Reviews: a phased rollout," 17 April 2014 While the original announcement set May, loosely, as the beginning of this program, the company just announced that they will begin rolling out [...]

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Microsoft Ends Support For Windows XP, The End of an Era

It's official, as of Tuesday April 8, 2014, Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP. While the date has been known for quite some time, it is nonetheless a somber occasion. For those of us that are die-hard Windows users, Windows XP represents the golden age, a better time, or some such nostalgia. Not only [...]

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Microsoft To Reinvent Their Own InCar System To Take On Apple

Users of Ford's Fordsync system have actually been using technology backed by Microsoft. The same holds true for vehicle infotainment systems found in recent cars by Kia, BMW Nissan and Fiat. Until now though, those vehicle infotainment systems have used customized versions of Windows by each car manufacturer, creating a different experience for each. The [...]

New Microsoft Kinect for Windows Coming this Summer

New to V2 of the Kinect is a SDK (Software development kit). With this SDK, "developers will be able to start creating Windows Store apps with Kinect for the first time. The ability to build such apps has been a frequent request from the developer community. We are delighted that it’s now on the immediate horizon."

T-Mobile & MetroPCS To Have First Windows Phone 8.1 Device, Nokia Lumia 635

Microsoft unveiled a bunch of great stuff at their Build conference yesterday morning. One of those things is the forthcoming Windows Phone 8.1. The new feature packed OS will debut in a variety of handsets worldwide. The first such handset to debut in the United States is the Lumia 635. The Lumia 635 will deliver [...]

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Microsoft Introduces The World To Cortana

If Cortana sounds like a familiar name to you that must mean you play or have played Microsoft's flagship console game Halo. The artificial intelligence character in the hit game franchise is also the name that Microsoft has bestowed upon their new digital assistant, showing up with the release of Windows 8.1. With new Microsoft [...]