Microsoft Crushes 1M Xbox One Sales In Less Than 24 Hours

We can't say it wasn't expected but by 5:00pm Eastern time on Friday reports started coming in that Microsoft had sold over 1 million Xbox One units since they went on sale at midnight. Sony had announced they sold 1 million PlayStation 4 units in their first day of sales as well. Their first day [...]

Better Late Than Never! Windows Phone Gets Instagram

It was just ten days ago that Windows Phone users got to experience Vine the breakthrough six second video app from Twitter. It took about 8 months to get released on the third major smartphone os. While 8 months may seem like a long wait, it fails in comparison to how long Windows Phone users [...]

Microsoft Inches Closer To Owning A Cell Phone Company Too

Back during the summer of 2011 the world was shocked to hear that Google was buying cell phone manufacturer Motorola. Yes we all know that Motorola is a communications company and makes a lot more than phones, but stripped down to the bare bones in 2011 it was and still is a cell phone company. [...]