Square To Bring On Apple Pay & Google Wallet This Year

Square reached a milestone back in November with it's billionth payment. That means that regardless of what people are saying, Square is getting quite popular. The technology, that allows just about anyone to take a credit card payment via a swiping device that plugs into their smart phone, has turned street vendors, performers and even [...]

Wells Fargo Offering Up To $20 Just For Trying Apple Pay

If you weren't convinced that Apple Pay is the future of mobile, frictionless payments, the financial world is hoping that you'll get on board quick. Just yesterday we reported that customers trying to use Apple's new NFC payment system at Rite Aid and CVS are out of luck. Meanwhile it seems that most other financial [...]

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Why Apple Pay Won’t Work At CVS and Rite Aid

Two of the countries biggest retail pharmacies, Rite Aid and CVS, have just told their store level employees to shut down all of their NFC enabled payment terminals. VentureBeat reported on Saturday that this directive would render both Apple Pay and Google Wallet useless at terminals for those two pharmacies. While you might immediately think [...]

Game Changing Online Payments Technology

Anyone who has been using PayPal to make online payments will be interested to learn that there is a new kid on the block. IFAN Financial (OTCBB: IFAN) has developed a revolutionary platform that has the potential to alter the payments industry landscape significantly.   IFAN enables anyone, anywhere to use a debit card to [...]

Circle Launches Virtual Currency Wallet

On Monday, after months of speculation, Circle finally opened its Bitcoin service to the world. The goal of the initial launch, as outlined by the company's CEO Jeremy Allaire, includes: Create an experience that is fast, beautiful, and enjoyable to use. Online banking applications stink. We wanted an elegant design aesthetic that would appeal to digital [...]

MyCheck: Now You Can View, Split, and Pay Restaurant Bills From the PayPal App

Yesterday, MyCheck announced that they had begun a collaboration with PayPal. Through this collaboration, MyCheck's mobile payment technology will be incorporated into PayPal's mobile app. MyCheck has built a really unique mobile payment platform, aimed at restaurants and other businesses. The MyCheck platform provides users and businesses with a streamlined checkout process, allowing the users [...]

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Use Your Gear To Find Paypal Locations & Pay

If you're hip enough to be walking down your city streets with a Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, Gear Neo or even Galaxy Gear, and you have a Paypal account, then you're in for a treat. Paypal is testing a new payment method on their campus that links together Bluetooth low energy beacons and Samsung Galaxy [...]

Mastercard Says To Hell With Third Parties, Unveils Their Own In App Payment Solution At MWCwil

Many have known this time was coming for months. Analysts have been saying it over and over again. At some point, the credit card issuers are going to get tired of cutting in third party vendors to their part of the credit card pie. The way to eliminate these third party vendors is for the [...]

Square Partners with Whole Foods to Make Shopping Faster and Easier

On Tuesday, Feb. 11, Square and Whole Foods Market announced a new partnership. The goal of this partnership is, "to make shopping faster and more convenient with new on-the-go purchasing options."

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Apple Reportedly Working On Mobile Wallet

From the, oh  my goodness we knew this with coming files: Apple is reportedly working on a mobile payment solution that will rival Google Wallet. This comes from reports from the Wall Street Journal and Pocketlint.com. Pocketlint reported on Saturday that the new mobile payment service could debut in iOS 8 and will be led [...]