Looking For An iPhone T-Mobile Is Giving You More Storage On Cyber Monday

It's Cyber Monday and as expected T-Mobile is pulling out all the stops, that is if you're in the market for a new iPhone. Starting at 2:01am Pacific time on Cyber Monday, buy a new iPhone online at T-Mobile.com and T-Mobile will give you a free memory upgrade. This offer is only available online and inventory [...]

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GoPro To Debut Drones At 2015 International CES

(image: helipal.com) Yes it's that time of the year again, everyone has eaten turkey, and heck everyone's already done Black Friday shopping, time to get back to the grind and talk about CES. The International Consumer Electronics Show will be January 6th-9th this year in beautiful Las Vegas. As you know it's the [...]

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Missed Sales Projections by 40%

A recent article from the Wall Street Journal shed's a bit more light on what has become a dire situation for Samsung. According to the Journal, the Galaxy S5 has not only failed to meet the company's sales expectations, but the devices has missed projections by as much as 40%.Jonathan Cheng and Sam Schechner, The Wall Street Journal, "Samsung [...]

Aereo Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Aereo's battle against the giant cable company's has come to an end. On Friday, November 21, Aereo applied for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. While the writing was on the wall, there were some signs, however slight, that Aereo may slip out of its legal noose. Whatever the case, Aereo put up a valiant fight, arguing its [...]

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Walmart Is The Place To Be “Cyber Week”

We all know that after we fill up with turkey on Thursday for Thanksgiving, it's off to the races for Black Friday. For those of you that still know what Radio Shack is, you can start your shopping fix right after turkey dinner, or heck, right before. But for those of us Americans with that shopping [...]

Facebook Is Growing Up, Introducing Facebook At Work?

You know you already Facebook at work. You pretend that nobody sees you but then forget that your boss is also your Facebook friend, so whoops you're busted. In most cases, if you're not disrupting the work flow you get a pass. You can coo at your niece and nephews photos and read the latest [...]

WTF Radio Shack Opening At 8am Thanksgiving Day

Sales have been down at Radio Shack, everyone in the tech industry seems to know that, everyone in consumer electronics seems to know that as well. On Monday the struggling company announced that they would start their holiday shopping season at 8am on Thanksgiving Day. No, not Black Friday, and not just a few hours [...]

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Embattled Aereo to lay off majority of staff

On Friday, Aereo - a startup that allowed users to stream and record live, over-the-air television programming - announced a massive round of layoffs. Aereo has been in and out of court, fighting the massive cable companies for the better part of the last two years. Ultimately, the legal battle ended when the Supreme Court [...]

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T-Mobile Crushes The Competition Where It Counts, Again!

We're sitting here wondering how much longer we're going to have to refer to T-Mobile as the fourth largest carrier in the United States. Since John Legere's take over of the carrier, they've been a forced to be reckoned with, which all stems from T-Mobile's "Un Carrier" initiative. T-Mobile was having trouble climbing it's way [...]

13 Year Old Leads Latest Group Of Intel Capital Investments

Intel Capital announced at their annual summit, the latest 16 companies to receive funding from the silicon company's venture arm. The summit kicked off Monday at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach attracting over 1,000 Intel Capital portfolio CEO's and high level employees, venture capitalists and top executives from Global 2000 companies, according to Intel. On [...]