Winegard FlatWave Amped: the killer of expensive cable television?

Like to watch TV without those expensive monthly cable bills? Winegard has an inexpensive option to solve this problem with their FlatWave Amped HD antenna. For around $65 you can get a decent amount of over the air channels with no monthly bill as long as you live within a 50 mile radius of where [...]

Review: Misfit Shine

The Misfit Shine is a small fitness band with hopes of getting people of all weights and ages moving. Misfit is a producer of high quality fitness materials with the ability to connect to your mobile device and give you feedback to help accomplish your goals. Shine gives you accurate information about how many steps [...]

Review: Braven 705 wireless speaker

  The Braven 705 is a portable bluetooth speaker that can fit many audio needs without breaking your wallet. This speaker looks good and includes helpful features not seen in some other speakers. It has vibrant color options: yellow, purple, blue, gray and a few other to fit your style. Although the Braven 705 costs [...]

Review: LG G3

The Android super phones of 2014 have solidified: The Samsung Galaxy S5, the HTC One M8, and the LG G3. All feature somewhat larger builds, with the M8 speakers giving it more height and the G3 entering phablet territory with a 5.5” screen. The 4.95" Nexus 5 had been my daily driver since it was released [...]

Review: Favi Set-to-Connect wireless speaker for iPhone

The Favi set-to-connect speaker is a portable speaker dock with a low price point. The speaker comes in black and white and is pleasing to the eye. It is small enough to throw in a backpack but packs a large enough punch to be heard across a decently sized room. It is a good speaker [...]

Review: Jabra Move Wireless Headphones

The Jabra Move wireless headphones are a good looking product with solid sound quality without the annoying cord. These headphones use bluetooth to pair with your device and give a good listening experience up to 30 feet away from your source. They come in three different colors: black, blue, and red and have an expandable [...]

Review: Soundfreaq Double Spot

Soundfreaq is a company that focuses on one thing, and that one thing is sound. Recently I’ve enjoyed testing the Soundfreaq Double Spot speaker, priced around $120 without battery and $150 with battery. The Double Spot can fill an averages-sized room with high quality sound, driven from a Bluetooth connection or a line-in jack. The [...]

Review: V-Moda XS On Ear Headphones

As many people know V-Moda is a premium headphone manufacturer that makes many different types of headphones with nothing but overall quality and style in mind. This year V-Moda has released the V-Moda xs on ear headphones that are a solid product and a good buy. These headphones give a perception of quality from the [...]

In The Battle Of The Dashcams Papago’s GoSafe 330 Is A Strong Contender

Dashcams are becoming more and more popular in the United States. While law enforcement, taxi drivers and even fleet management companies have been using dash cams for years, the public use of dashcams became more and more popular overseas over the last few years. Now dashcams are making their way to the United States. Obviously [...]

Screen Bright’s Smartphone Sanitizer Wipes Really Work

Here at Techfaster we're almost as passionate about electronics cleaning wipes as we are about backup battery chargers and supplies. We spend a lot of time on the road covering some of the biggest events in the industry like CTIA, CES, MWC, SXSW, Onespark, and many more. Our devices work hard, really hard. Aside from [...]