This Christmas Eve Not A PSN or Xbox Live Is Stirring Thanks To Lizard Squid

So you just weren't content with going to bed, you had to stay up all night and get one last hoorah on the game system and games you already have tied to your Play Station Network account or your Xbox Live Account. It's apparent you were going to try and catch Santa Claus mid stream [...]

Sony Deserved Worse Than SNL

By now everyone in the world knows that Sony Pictures just experienced, quite possibly the largest hacking attack, infiltration of any entertainment company ever. A hacker syndicate calling themselves Guardians of Peace or #GOP made off with thousands and thousands of files, passwords and the big score, the full digital versions of upcoming Sony Pictures [...]

LockBot Brings Easy Peace Of Mind For The Sharing Economy

There are over one million private rooms, residences, apartments, condos and houses available via sharing economy websites like AirBnB and Home Away. This has created a new way of doing business and a new lifestyle for many. People who never in a million years thought they would be "landlords" are now renting their properties on [...]

Whistl: The Smartphone Case That Can Save Lives

According to The Women's Center Inc, someone is sexually assaulted every two minutes. On college campuses, in downtown nightlife centric areas and even parks, that risk increases. There are many products out there now, and projects that have gone for crowdfunding, that addressed the need for a smart, mobile safety device but inherently opportunities were [...]

With PassZwype Your Finger Swype Is Your Password

Today, if you're like most people, you have to remember multiple passwords, pins and authentication codes on a variety of different devices. It seems that every time you turn around you're hearing about more and more data theft and security breakdown. It seems that with the technology available today, there could be a better way [...]

Hackers Were Freaky Fast At Jimmy Johns

If you live in a college down or surbanite area you are probably familiar with the Jimmy Johns cold sub chain. Jimmy Johns delivers subs, which we think are pretty darn good, freaky fast (and freaky good). Obviously like all sub shops that deliver, credit cards are a major part of their business. Well numerous [...]

Gilmo: The Safest Password Management System

I'm petrified of password managers. I'm the one guy in my incredibly tech savvy circle of friends that doesn't have an account with any of the major password management companies. Why? Because what if they get hacked. Forget the Target hack or the Home Depot hack, a giant hacking of one of the major password [...]

Home Depot Compromised? Could Be Larger Than Target!

Krebsonsecurity, who's usually right on when it comes to credit card security, is reporting that Home Depot may have suffered a massive data breach of customer credit card data. In this report, Daniel Krebs, a trusted reported on matters of credit card security, has begun investigating what looks like a massive breach of customer data. [...]

Google Receives Over 1M Take Down Requests Per Day, And That Number Is Climbing

Piracy is definitely on the rise. Everywhere you turn there are more and more stories about how piracy is effecting just about every media industry in the world. Recently we ran a story about a new startup company called DemandFlicks that hopes to curb movie piracy. Back in December we reported that pop songstress Beyonce [...]

iGuardian Protecting All Your Devices At Home

A new product from San Jose based Itus Networks, promises to bring enterprise level security tools to home users. Their new product, iGuaardian is a network security device designed specifically for use in homes. People don't realize it but every time you add a new connected device to your home network you're opening up another [...]