Help Is One Button Away With EduProtect The Fastest Personal Security Device In The World

Imagine knowing if you ever found yourself in any unsafe situation that help was just a click of a button away. Even if you live in one of the safest areas in the world, there's always that one chance something could go badly and if it does, and you have EduProtect you're protected. EduProtect is [...]

Russian Hackers Have Lifted Billions Of Internet Passwords

A Russian cyber gang that's dubbed themselves "CyberVor" has reportedly stolen billions of internet username and password combinations from both small and large websites in the US and around the world. The term CyberVor comes from Vor which means theft in Russian. The New York Times broke the story on Tuesday citing the discovery from a [...]

JackPair: Your Own Personal Secure Line

Personal Secure Line JackPair This isn't 007, Jack Bauer or 24. It's real life America in 2014 and citizens everywhere are worried about who can monitor your phone calls. While there's great debate on whether government agencies are monitoring entire calls of US citizens or they're just taking some of the information from calls, either [...]

WEDG Brings Peace Of Mind To Your Data

WEDG Secure Data Cloud Saturday we reported on POM a gps and bluetooth enabled tracking device that gives you peace of mind about your loved ones, precious things and pets. With peace of mind on the top of our minds, we found WEDG a product that gives you peace of mind about your data. The [...]

Panasonic’s IR Audio System Is Best And Safest In Class [ISTE 2014]

Panasonic Classroom Safety Panasonic's IR Audio System for classrooms is best in class. It's a feature packed audio system for the classroom that insures that every student can hear the teacher clearly. What sits at the center of the system though, is actually around the teachers neck. A lightweight remote control of sorts is integrated [...]

DOH! World Cup Password Leaked Worldwide

World Cup Wifi Password Leaked If you're lucky enough to be in Brazil attending the 2014 World Cup and you need internet access, you may have had your chance to jump on the official World Cup Wifi. reported on Thursday that a little photography faux pas resulted in the internal wifi password for the [...]

PF Chang’s Falls Victim To Hackers, Resorts To Manual Credit Card Imprinting

On Tuesday, Asian casual dining restaurant chain PF Chang's China Bistro reported that they were investigating a breach of customer's personal and payment data. CEO Rick Federico said that the company, "initiated an investigation with the United States Secret Service and a team of third-party forensics experts to understand the nature and scope of the incident, [...]

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Latest Big Data Breach, California DMV?

It looks like the California DMV may be the latest in a string of big data breaches. While the alleged data breach at the California DMV is nowhere near the size of the Target theft, for some, the thought is far less comforting. Security expert Brian Krebs, from Krebs On Security, and the same writer [...]

The Most Amazing Safety Device Works Automatically, The First Sign Hair Clip

The recent technology phenomena over the last several years has produced some amazing ideas to help keep women, men and kids safer. Everything from a cell phone case with a loud buzzer and GPS locator app to a cell phone case with a stun gun built in, have all made their way to retail store [...]

University Of Maryland Discovers Major Data Breach

The University Of Maryland discovered, and reported a major data breach on Wednesday. While the number of records stolen from the University is minuscule compared to the data breach at Target, the length of the attack is what's troublesome to many. The University Of Maryland reports that 309,079 records were stolen that were linked to [...]