This Smart Water Heater Technology Could Save You Money

Aquanta Smart Water Heater When you go away for a couple of weeks on vacation do you ever think to turn your water heater off? That little step could actually save you some bucks the next time you go on vacation. If no one is going to be taking hot showers, washing dishes or washing [...]

Fizzly: Easily Customizable, Creative, Fun, Smart Tag

If you were to sit down and map out all of the potential uses for smart tags your head would be spinning. There's probably an infinite amount of ways you can use any of the smart tags that are on the market today or coming on the market soon by way of Indiegogo or Kickstarter. [...]

Rico Is Your Smarthome Companion That Used To Be Your Smartphone

MindHelix, the team behind the Sentinel security app has found a new way to make use or up-cycle your old smartphone right in your home. They've crafted a Smart Home control robot that uses an old smartphone as the brain and eyes. While smartphones could last years and years the average smartphone life for a [...]

FutureHome Is The Future Proof Home Automation Control System

Erik Stokkeland worked as an installation for Siemens and other companies, installing home control systems for nearly a decade. As an installation engineer and technician Stokkeland saw first hand the problems with current home automation and control systems on the market. The biggest drawbacks to current systems is that they're outdated virtually the minute they're [...]

Neoji: The Next Step for the Smart Home

There are an awful lot of home monitoring/smart home devices out there, with a lot of different functionality. However, we just came across one smart home device that packs in just about every single smart home function into one place. The Neoji, according to the creators, "is a sleek and elegant device that functions like [...]