Use Your Gear To Find Paypal Locations & Pay

If you're hip enough to be walking down your city streets with a Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, Gear Neo or even Galaxy Gear, and you have a Paypal account, then you're in for a treat. Paypal is testing a new payment method on their campus that links together Bluetooth low energy beacons and Samsung Galaxy [...]

Neptune Pine: The First True Smartwatch, Quick Walk Through Video

Some of this year's smartwatches are great. The Pebble, The Galaxy Gear and The Toq do exactly what they say they will do. They're great for notification management, keeping up with the time and in some instances apps and fitness. But with all of the smartwatch talk this year, people have been craving more. Many [...]

Smart Watches And Luxury Cars [Pebble][Samsung][BMW][Mercedes]

The International CES is where partnerships are formed. Some are odd, some are exciting and some make sense. Two partnerships announced this week in Las Vegas fit all three categories. First, BMW was showing off their new i3 electric car. The car is a little larger than there Mini Coopers and features connected, wireless electric [...]

Pebble Launches Pebble Steel At CES

It's had to believe that just last year Pebble was a startup with a Kickstarter. What a difference a year makes. 2013 saw the entry of several early smart watches. Joining the ranks of the Pebble were the Samsung Galaxy Gear (which will reportedly help you pick up girls),the Martian Watch, Meta Watch and a [...]

Qualcomm Toq lands on Amazon for $349

Smartwatches have become quite the rage and we have seen many new devices come to the market over the past few months. Qualcomm is usually thought of in the Android world in relation to their processors but they have recently announced the Qualcomm Toq. Originally Qualcomm had created the device as a developer release but [...]

The Next Generation Of SmartWatch Is Just Around The Corner

Aside from the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which needs to be paired with one of Samsung's high end smartphones, most of the smart watches today are limited in their functionality. Pebble, the most popular smart watch to data, does notifications extremely well and has a spattering of games and other apps. Most of the other smart [...]