youWare: A Stylish Social Networking Wearable

There are a lot of unique projects floating around on the various crowdfunding websites. We just came across a pretty interesting one: youWare. The tagline in the logo above is representative of the whole concept: We coexist in both a digital and physical world. Online, we're identified by usernames and email addresses. In the real [...]

Facebook Is Growing Up, Introducing Facebook At Work?

You know you already Facebook at work. You pretend that nobody sees you but then forget that your boss is also your Facebook friend, so whoops you're busted. In most cases, if you're not disrupting the work flow you get a pass. You can coo at your niece and nephews photos and read the latest [...]

Crowdlinker: A New Take On Social Media Management

   There is no shortage of social media management platforms out there. However, most of the platforms are pretty limited, in terms of focus and functionality. More or less, they all allow you to post to several different social media sites from one central location. However, we just came across a new platform that takes [...]

Using Twitter Favorites For Bookmarks? Try Favatron

Twitter came under fire last week for messing with Twitter Favorites. Since the beginning of Twitter there was no real definitive answer of how the favorite was supposed to work. For some people it was a way of showing thanks like "liking" something on Facebook. For others' it serves as a bookmark of sorts to [...]

What’s Up With Twitter Favorites

Late last week Twitter began a new experiment that has started to upset many faithful Twitter users. TheVerge and several other sites have reported that Twitter has started putting tweets that others have favorited into user's time lines. This may seem innocent enough to some but not to many who have been using favorites for [...]

7 Tech Ice Bucket Challenges You Don’t Want To Miss

By now everyone in America has taken notice of the virality that is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge is meant to raise awareness to ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gherig's Disease) and the ALS foundation. With the ice bucket challenge the person challenged must have a bucket of ice water poured on their [...]

It’s The End Of The Road For Orkut

Orkut Closing If you're saying to yourself right now, "what in the world is Orkut", that's exactly why Google is shutting down it's first foray into the social networking space. Orkut was actually released 10 years ago, during the heyday of Myspace and before Facebook was available to everyone in the world. The social network [...]

Facebook Outages Cost $20,000 Per Minute

Where were you Friday morning around lunch time when Facebook had gone down for the count? There's no way of telling exactly how large it was but Facebook experienced a global outage Friday morning between 11am and 12 noon eastern time. Millions flocked to Twitter mocking their own addiction to the world's largest social network. [...]

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Facebook Says Bring On The Boobs

The roar of a movement is starting to happen pertaining to breast feeding in public places. Many people seem to be put off by the notion of a woman breastfeeding her baby in a public place, feeling that it's obscene or inappropriate for children to view. The other side of the argument, or the movement, [...]

Apple’s Top Shelf Mac Made With Windows?

Right after Apple CEO, Tim Cook made his appearance at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference this week, he and Apple executive Eddy Cue went to their Austin Texas plant where the new top shelf Apple Mac Pro is manufactured.  Apple's PR department made a big deal out of the trip, picking up on the momentum [...]

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