Cable’s Biggest Channels Are Cutting The Cord Too!

While everyone insists on screaming "internet of things, internet of things" in regards to this year's International CES in Las Vegas, those that were paying close attention realize the industry that was most shaken up at CES was the cable industry. For the past few years the notion of cutting the cord has been big [...]

Dish Network to Integrate Netflix App on Set-Top Boxes

On Wednesday, Dish Network announced that it has become the first major U.S. television provider to integrate the Netflix app into their set-top boxes. The app is now available on Dish Network's second generation Hopper boxes. Netflix, however, will not be free for Dish subscribers, just easily accessible. Dish Network's Senior Vice President of Product Management, Vivek Khemka, [...]

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The ButtKicker Brings a 4D Hockey Viewing Experience Home

There are a ton of great products out there that enhance the TV watching experience. There are a lot that you would expect, things like surround sound and tablet apps. However, we just came across a article that highlights what is easilly one of the coolest things we have ever seen. Ever, not just [...]

The First Affordable UHD TV (4K) Has Arrived

When UHD TV or 4K was originally announced and started to show up at CES two years ago the pricetags were insane. Samsung even unveiled a 110 inch UHD (4K) TV that cost more than some homes at $100,000. Like all other technology, the world waited. Now Sceptre has made 4K attainable with their new [...]

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Yes Ashton Kutcher Is A Real Product Engineer

Yes Ashton Kutcher is a real product engineer or at least that's what he ends up telling one of the members of a Yoga Tablet focus group in the video below. This latest Lenovo video features Kutcher in his role as product engineer for the final installment in a three part series. So is Kutcher [...]

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Tivo Releases Box For Cord Cutters

Tivo was one of the earliest names in the DVR business. Tivo was around before cable and satellite companies started including DVR technology in cable boxes. It was cable tv and satellite tv that made the DVR industry relevant but now there's been a significant shift in the way people view television, and that is [...]

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Wow! TV Viewers Are Only Watching 9% Of What’s Available

A new study released today revealed some startling statistics for live tv providers that are trying to compete in today's world of Netflix and Hulu. Now we know we are still a long way away from streaming services totally taking over the market controlled by cable and satellite but Neilsen's latest data suggests that something [...]

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Wait, Live TV Is Still Winning!

Despite what we hear everyday about Netflix, Hulu and streaming, a recent survey of over 15,000 adults has found that live tv is still the big winner in tv viewing, and by a large margin. According to Ipsos OTX, 15, 551 adults from 20 countries were surveyed on their tv viewing habits. 86% of those [...]

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Photowall for Chromecast Turns Your TV Into a Photo Collage

Ever since Google opened Chromecast to developers, on 3 February 2014, we have been seeing an influx of fun and creative apps. From those that play music, or allow you to play games, or even display masterpiece works of art on your TV. However, on Monday, Google released its very own app for the Chromecast: Photowall.

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Roku Announces New Streaming Stick

This is pretty clearly a move to counter Google's Chromecast. Although the Chromecast is $15 cheaper than the Roku Streaming Stick, Google's offering has nowhere near the amount of content streams as Roku

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