HTC Delaying Release Of Their Everyday Wearable

According to many different reports HTC has been hard at work on a wearable device of some sort. In fact, back in July, HTC may have inadvertently leaked their very own smartwatch.  Now with the specifications of the Apple Watch out of the bag and Samsung producing a new wearable every month, HTC has seen [...]

Kuff: Wearable Storage with Up to 1TB SSD

There are a ton of different wearables out there. Some good, and some bad. However, aside from several health and fitness trackers, and safety devices, you could make the case that the majority of these devices serve more as an extension of your cellphone than anything else. Why is the cellphone the only device getting [...]

Marriott Turns To Oculus Rift For Destination Sampling

If you were wondering why Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook coffers ponied up $2 billion dollars for Oculus Rift, companies like Marriott may be the key. The flagship brand for one of the largest hotelier's in the world has announced a new marketing campaign that involves AR/VR technology provided by Oculus Rift. While it may [...]

Sophistication, Style and Sport: The Rider’s Watch By hunterharmony

With all the talk about smart watches and Apple watches we started talking to people at tech events, and even the Apple event and many were in agreement, not everyone wants a smart watch. When it's time to unplug, button up and hit a formal event, a Pebble or even Apple Watch looks out of [...]

Meet The Misfit Flash, A Great Looking Tracker Under $50

Misfit, the creators of the popular Shine fitness tracker are back with a new, equally as stylish, rugged and useful device called Flash. Flash is crafted out of a special soft-touch plastic, Flash is comfortable, extremely durable, and waterproof to 30 meters, making it fit for even the toughest uses. It comes in seven unique [...]

Stylish Jacket Lets You Go Hands Free

New jacket blends style with convenience, functionality and your favorite jams. A new company has taken to Kickstarter to launch the next generation of tech jacket, appropriately called the Audio Jacket. The jacket features earbuds, speakers, a microphone and control button that allows you to control your phone. listen to your music, and take your [...]

This Concussion Sensor Could Change The World Of Sports Forever

Concussions are one of the most dangerous aspects of organized sports at any level. Concussions can cause life altering brain injuries and can lead to problems like chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the condition that's believed to have led to NFL veteran Junior Seau's 2012 suicide. The effects of concussions on the brain can last for years [...]

Ralph Lauren Unveils Polo Tech Shirt To Be Featured At US Open

The internet of things is in the news everyday. Wearable technology is right there next to it. Right now though, when most people think wearable tech they think wrist bands, watches and other accessory type sensors. Only a few companies have tried to make truly wearable technology. Adidas has a wearable tech shirt out that [...]

Timex Ironman One GPS+: A Smartphoneless Smartwatch

Timex Stand Alone Smartwatch On Tuesday, Timex launched a new smartwatch. The new Timex Ironman One GPS+ is unique in a number of ways. Firstly, the Timex Ironman does not require any connection to a smartphone at all. Rather, the Ironman "watch has its own cellular connection to AT&T's network, letting it transmit data without [...]

Copertura: Fashionable Heated Jackets

   We just came across a really interesting product from Copertura. The German company makes a line of heated jackets. There are already a few companies making heated jackets, but they are mostly aimed at construction workers, and at other professions that require a lot of time out in freezing cold weather. Copertura makes what [...]