Calling All Skiers, Cyclists, And Lawn Boys

HandsFree GoGlove Whether you're jonesing for ski season to get here, you're an avid cyclist or you're cutting lawns this summer one things for sure, you're most likely doing it with music. By now you've probably found the best pair of over the ear ear buds, and the music app you like the best. But [...]

Your Fitness, Your Life, Your Community On Your Wrist With Grooove

The team behind the Groove smart and fitness watch had something different in mind when they decided to get into the wearable space. After evaluating everything that was on the market today, they quickly realized that most of the smart devices and wearable technology was solely focused on the data. They decided to switch gears [...]

People Are Talking About Wearable Tech [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wearable Tech Infographic Saying that wearable tech has exploded could be the understatement of the year. Just search the pages of any technology blog, like, and you'll find more and more stories about wearable technologies. From Google Glass, to Fit Bit, to the latest piece of wearable technology making the crowdfunding circuit, the world [...]

Did Fitbit Just Win The War For Women’s Wrists?

These pieces form designer Tory Burch are designed to hold the Fitbit Flex tracking device. Fitbit Tory Burch Back in February Fitbit announced on their blog that they were partnering with designer Tory Burch to come up with a collection of Fitbit accessories for the Fitbit Flex. Burch is an award winning designer [...]

Total POM: A Tracking System That Can Save Lives

Search the world of crowdfunding and you'll find hundreds of different tracking devices. Companies like Pile opened up the floodgates for anyone who could package together a bluetooth enabled tracking chip and muster up some code. Literally between just Indiegogo and Kickstarter alone there are 40+ projects in that domain. So why should you care [...]

Know The Air Quality Around You With Skywair

The internet of things along with crowdfunding are producing some amazing new technologies. Just this morning we reported on Sandpiper IS a spirometer that attaches to your smartphone and gives you data on your lung function. Now we've uncovered a unique new device that measures the air quality around you called Skywair. Skywair was originally [...]

Freewavz Listen To Your Music, Track Your Fitness With The Same Device

Fitness Monitor Headphones Freewavz Fitness, music and now tracking your fitness go hand in hand. That typically take multiple devices, your earbuds or headphones and some kind of fitness tracking band. Now, thanks a new device called Freewavz merges the headphones and the fitness tracking into one. On any given Sunday there are hundreds of [...]

Every Active Person On Earth Should Have A GoGlove

There's a revolutionary product on Kickstarter right now and it's not Potato salad. Sure it's a stretch to claim anything is truly revolutionary but GoGlove fits that bill. Every active person on earth should have a GoGlove. Why, because it solves one of the most annoying problems in the world. Whether you're jogging, biking, skiing, [...]

POM Stands For Peace Of Mind And That’s What You’ll Get

POM Tracking Chip There are plenty of bluetooth and gps enabled tracking devices out there, especially in the world of Kickstarter. The problem with most of them though, is that first they are positioned as a way to find your car keys. While that may be a great use for a tracking device that's not [...]

Apple Testing Several iWatch Designs?

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is preparing not just one smartwatch/fitness/health wearable, but several. This is certainly in line with many of the health based initiatives - Health, and HealthKit to name a few - that Apple announced at WWDC a short time ago. The new device(s), according to the Journal, are aimed at bringing new functionality [...]