The Pebble Watch Does Even More Now

(image: pocketlint) The "internet of things" is on a massive growth spurt. Until recently the "internet of things" has mostly centered around your smartphone as the hub and the controller for whatever brain you have at the center of your "things". Yesterday we brought you the story of the Nucano Smart Door Chime, [...]

Google Fit: A Challenge to Apple’s HealthKit

In what is really an uncharacteristic change of roles, it looks likes Google is taking a page out of Apple's playbook. According to Forbes, at Google's upcoming I/O conference, the company will unveil a new health service: Google is planning to launch a new health service called Google Fit to collect and aggregate data from popular fitness trackers [...]

According to Reports, Apple to Release a New Health Wearable in Oct.

  According to new reports, Apple is indeed set to launch a wearable device sometime in the very near future. According to Nikkei Asian Review: "Apple is getting set to move to its next stage of growth with a wearable health-monitoring device, hoping to establish a solid foothold in the promising healthcare sector."Yuichiro Kanematsu, Nikkei Asian [...]

Interview: Steve Chen The Man Behind GemWhere Smart Watch

Meet Steve Chen the man behind the GemWhere Smart Watch, the best smart watch out there today. We've seen a lot of smart watches so far. Most of them are filled with glitzy cool features, but one smartwatch has stood out as a truly functional piece of equipment that you can wear on your wrist. [...]

According to Reports, a Microsoft Smartwatch is on the Horizion

There is news coming out of Forbes that Microsoft has its eyes on a new market: wearables. According to Parmy Olsen: Microsoft is the latest technology giant preparing to jump into the wearables market, with plans to offer a sensor-rich smartwatch that measures heart rate and synchs with iPhones, Android phones and Windows Phones, Forbes has learned.Parmy Olsen, Forbes, [...]

NewViewWear: Wearable Camera and Clothing Line

We've seen a fair amount of life-logging, wearable cameras. That said, we just came across a new, creative take on the wearable camera. NewViewWear takes the wearable camera and incorporates a line of clothing. Before diving into the clothing, the camera is worth examining, as it looks to be one of, if not the, most [...]

Samsung set to Release Stand-alone Smartwatch this Summer

  According to several reports, Samsung has been hard at work preparing a new smart watch that can serve as a standalone device - not requiring users to have a phone near by. According to The New York Times, Samsung, "is making another run at that perennial technogeek dream, the wrist communicator," and looks to [...]

GemWhere Smart, Has Your Daily Briefing And More On Your Wrist

I've been using a Pebble smart watch since it was first released on Kickstarter. While I love my Pebble smartwatch I'm also a big news junkie and love to know what's going on around me. I like to know when the big things happen whether it be technology, sports or even politics. The myriad of alerts [...]

Samsung to Release “Gear Glass” at IFA in September

According to several reports, Samsung will be rolling out a Google Glass-like device in September of this year. Business Korea cites an unnamed Samsung sources as nothing that the device, dubbed "Gear Glass," will be ready in time for IFA 2014, Sept. 5-10, in Berlin, Germany. According to the report, "Gear Glass," will be much more than a [...]

LG Teases the Upcoming Android Wear Powered G Watch, Weeks Ahead of G3 Launch

On Sunday, LG posted a new video, teasing the upcoming G Watch. The G Watch will be one of the first wearables powered by Android Wear, Google's project to extend Android into wearables, along with Motorola's upcoming Moto 360. While LG has yet to set a release date, or provide any technical details about the [...]