Wearables Take Center Stage At SXSW Accelerator

The SXSW accelerator is one of the most popular attractions at the SXSW interactive festival in Austin Texas. In years past some of the bigger high growth potential companies, like Siri, have been featured at the SXSW accelerator. This year was no different except where normally we hear about social local mobile apps and reward [...]

Android SDK For Wearables Coming In Two Weeks [sxsw]

Google's Sr Vice President of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai took to the stage at SXSW on Sunday afternoon as part of SXSW's Featured Sessions. The session, entitled "Sundar Pichai, conversation with John Batelle", was a fireside chat style session focusing on two of the fastest growing open platforms in the world, Android and Chrome. [...]

Leaked Images of Scrapped Motorola/Google Smartwatch

Before Google sold of Motorola, it seems that the company had a working prototype of the fabled Google Watch. Although there are reports of a Google/LG smartwatch coming as early as June of 2014, it appears that the Mountain View company already has experience in building such a product.

Sony Takes the Quantified Self Beyond Fitness With New Wearable Camera

It has been quite an MWC for Sony thus far. The Japanese company announced a partnership with Garmin, they announced a new phone, and they announced a new line of products focused around the company's new Lifelog application. This new line of products has been dubbed SmartWear, and includes a SmartBand tracker and the Lifelog wearable camera. Lifelog [...]

Garmin Partners With Sony for SmartWatch GPS Intergration

On Sunday, GPS software and device maker Garmin announced that they have partnered with Sony to bring their GPS software to Sony Xperia smartphones, and have created an extension for Sony SmartWatch 2.

By 2019, 90% of Cars Will Have Wearable Computer Integration

After a series of rapid-fire announcements, it appears that automakers are becoming more focused on wearable integration. As the infotainment battle rages on, the auto makers are bringing it to your faces and wrists.According to ABI Research, by 2019, more than 90% of new vehicles will interface with wearable computers.

OpenBCI – Brain-Computer Interfaces for Everyone

As the field stands today, the entry barriers for brain-computer interface (BCI) work/research are overwhelming, particularly the cost of the equipment. Now, with the success of the OpenBCI Kickstarter project, these barriers will begin to fall. Although the price is sure to rise a bit, the OpenBCI Kickstater project offered a BCI starter kit as a reward for pledges of $324.

Cadbury’s Very Odd Wearable Tech

Cadbury, yes the chocolate company with the clucking bunnies, has had the most peculiar piece of wearable tech created as part of their Joyville campaign. Now in America we typically think of Cadbury one time a year, and that's Easter time. Of course now that it's January and we're still months away from Easter we're [...]

We Check Out The Qualcomm Toq Smart Watch At CES 2014

We got a chance to go hands on with the new Toq smart watch. Smartwatches have become quite the rage and we have seen many new devices come to the market over the past few months. Qualcomm is usually thought of in the Android world in relation to their processors but they have recently announced the [...]