Review: Misfit Shine

The Misfit Shine is a small fitness band with hopes of getting people of all weights and ages moving. Misfit is a producer of high quality fitness materials with the ability to connect to your mobile device and give you feedback to help accomplish your goals. Shine gives you accurate information about how many steps [...]

Walmart Is The Place To Be “Cyber Week”

We all know that after we fill up with turkey on Thursday for Thanksgiving, it's off to the races for Black Friday. For those of you that still know what Radio Shack is, you can start your shopping fix right after turkey dinner, or heck, right before. But for those of us Americans with that shopping [...]

Is That 2.0TB In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Everyone wants to talk about cloud, cloud cloud, but those of us that have been in the tech industry forever and a day know that there are a lot of risks when storing stuff in the cloud. For starters that's someone else's server space. I know that in a perfect world those cloud server company [...]

Review: Braven 705 wireless speaker

  The Braven 705 is a portable bluetooth speaker that can fit many audio needs without breaking your wallet. This speaker looks good and includes helpful features not seen in some other speakers. It has vibrant color options: yellow, purple, blue, gray and a few other to fit your style. Although the Braven 705 costs [...]