T-Mobile Offers In House Financing For Accessories Too

T-Mobile continues to blaze across the wireless spectrum. The un-carrier, noted for their new contract-less offerings, has had phones and tablets on an in-house financing program called "equipment installment plans". After shedding the traditional wireless subsidy model, the company began offering qualified customers the ability to make a monthly payment on their device. After the [...]

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John Legere Fires Back At FTC

  T-Mobile John LeGere FTC Last week we reported, along with a hundred other sites, that the FTC was suing T-Mobile for cramming. Cramming is when third party billing companies bill customers for text messaging services that they don't believe, or don't remember signing up for. In most instances the customer didn't read the fine [...]

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T-Mobile Under Fire For “Cramming” Charges That Allegedly Cost Customers Millions.

T-Mobile FTC Cramming T-Mobile has really made strides in digging itself out from a hole that came about when they were supposed to be purchased by AT&T in 2011. They've added millions of customers, dropped long term contracts, early termination fees and they're even offering free music. All of this is under the direction of [...]

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Samsung Gets In On The Test Drive Action

Samsung Test Drive Earlier this month the ever so progressive fourth largest carrier in the country T-Mobile, unveiled a new marketing idea aimed to get customers to try out their network. In their test drive program, potential customers can test drive an iPhone 5S for a 7 day period no questions asked. The company hopes [...]

Verizon To Begin Throttling October 1st

Verizon Throttle October For the better part of the last three years Verizon Wireless has been segueing customers away from unlimited data plans. Those plans are no longer available however a system malfunction earlier this year allows some unlimited customers to renew. Customers with unlimited data who never formerly renewed their contracts and have simply [...]

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Microsoft launches Nokia X2: V2 of the Android Experiment

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Microsoft acquisition of Nokia's device business concerned Nokia's Android devices. The popular thought was that Microsoft would begin phasing out the Android devices, in favor of its own Windows Phone OS. However, it seems that Microsoft will continue Nokia's Android push, at least for the time being. On [...]

ASMO Charger Is The World’s First Green, Intelligent Phone Charger

There are some startling statistics when it comes to the chargers for the nearly 7 billion mobile devices in the world today. Many people have no idea that when they leave their cell phone or tablet charger plugged into the wall, when the device isn't charging, it's still pulling current as if it were charging. [...]

Kill Switch Coming To Android And Windows Phone

One of the most unsexy features of iOS 7 is probably the most useful. Apple introduced a kill switch feature in the last version of iOS. This allows the owner to remotely wipe and disable their iPhone if it gets lost or stolen, rendering the unit dead if it slipped into the wrong hands. Technobuffalo.com [...]

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Kajeet SmartSpot Is Bridging The Digital Divide For Students [ISTE PREVIEW]

Kajeet is a wireless company that caters specifically to kids, well parents of kids. Their Kajeet smartphone service offers safe, affordable cell phones for kids. They offer a number of smart and feature phones direct from their website. They can also convert any Sprint phone not currently on contract to the Kajeet service. Their smartphone [...]

Protecting Your Smartphone From Data Theft – Here’s What You Need To Do

No matter what kind of smartphone you own, ‘protect your handset in every way’ has become an adage every smartphone owner will come across at some point in their lives. Smartphone theft is an increasing problem in the US, and the number of smartphones lost to thieves doubled last year, according to a Consumer Reports [...]