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We just came across a really interesting product from Copertura. The German company makes a line of heated jackets. There are already a few companies making heated jackets, but they are mostly aimed at construction workers, and at other professions that require a lot of time out in freezing cold weather. Copertura makes what they call fashion heating jackets. These jackets are aimed more at outdoor sports than any particular industry. We had a chance to ask the Copertura team a few questions about their new jacket line, as well as their upcoming Kickstarter campaign:


What is Copertura?

Copertura Label is a new innovative smart clothing brand which combines fashion wear and physical technological items. This way it is a revolution in the fashion industry.
We are building a new generation. Our mission is to be the international leader in the innovative fashion wearable technology category. We want to operate in countries worldwide providing our customers the best comfort and covering their desires.

Who are your jackets for?

Our first line if product is an innovative fashion heating jacket collection. Excellent for outdoor activities in very cold environment especially in Winter season. Winter sport peole like Snowboarding, Ice-skating, skiing, Sledding and bikers, mountains travelers, boats sailors and fishermen, film crew members that have to deal with challenging weather and people who would enjoy taking a walk during the snow..

 Why did you build these jackets?

I built this product because we know how people are facing the challenging weather, the cold. The Copertura heating jacket is the right solution. It is innovative, stylish, eco-friendly and it keep you warm. How nice it is having a fashion wear which keep you warm inside like you are enjoying the summer during the winter time! 🙂

How are your coats different from what is currently available?

We know that heating jackets is already in existence. However they have been designed for outdoor construction workers and people who are facing cold as a medical issue. Copertura Label bring makes heating jackets with a variety of fashion styles where they can be use during any kind of outdoor activities in cold weather. I wouldn’t have imagine myself taking a walk with my girlfriend wearing a construction heating jacket. The ones Copertura Label is meets the customers’ need (keep them warm) and their desire (eco-friendly, exciting and fashionable).


Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Four years ago I was in the Dominican Republic where I have lived for seven years.
To have an idea of the country, just close your eyes five minutes. Then imagine that it’s always Summer; this is how it is!
When I arrived in Berlin (Germany), you can easily understand that my first Winter was a huge challenge for me. I have left a +30 degrees Celsius location to jump to a -15 degrees Celsius city.
I ran into a clothes shop and I spent 460 euros in total because I wanted to feel the warm like in the Caribbean islands. I ended with an under-shirt, a t-shirt with long sleeves, a scarf and a jacket. However I was still cold and getting even colder with the winter breeze. So, it was terrible for me.
One thing that kept me positive and happy was to enjoy seeing the snow falling to the ground.
I felt so happy. Even though I could have worn anything, I would have felt cold.
Despite of knowing it was very cold for me, my first idea about Copertura Label was building t-shirts and pants.
Every year that passed, it has been still a challenge for me. But, I have never lost faith. I have always dreamed of something which would be designed to keep me warm. One day in a friendly dinner, two entrepreneur in languages field challenged me with the brand. They told me that I need to bring something unique and special using that amazing brand name and I should try to relate it to my experience.
Actually Winter is nice but you can’t enjoy it if you don’t feel comfortable. So, as they told me, I filnally combined it to my life experience. That’s where I had this idea to combine technology and fashion.

Today, I am sharing the best solution I have found with everyone to feel warm even outside, in the coldest time. The Copertura Label’s innovative fashion heating jacket is totally designed for that.
Winter is coming and I am already preparing this time.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

I met two of my business partners in a special event organized for a design online course I took with me here in Berlin, Germany. They even had more than 60 different nationalities to flew from all over the world. Basti is an IT and Website engineering who has his own company. He is also an inventor. Silva has strong backgrounds in logo design and illustrations. She is also a very special event lady.
Later I met Christelle who have her own PR agency.

What’s the next step? What are your short-term goals?

We are actually launching the kickstarter crowdfunding on August 15th, 2014. We already launched an ambassador campaign to have people supporting us during and after the kickstart ( I would like to have very strong supporter from everyone who is facing very cold weather around the globe in winter time. Shortly after the crowdfunding, we will launch the company’s website in October.