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We just came across a new teacher and administrator dashboard. Cubicstone provides a ton of great tools and resources in their dashboard. They provide a place to manage transportation, admissions and enrollment, and several other data manipulation tools. We had a chance to ask the Cubicstone team a few questions about their product:


What is Cubicstone?

We provide a dashboard and app platform for schools and educators. Some of our featured apps include Bus Square – which is a transportation management system, Admissions Cube – which provides a platform for managing the admissions and enrollment workflow, a personal dashboard for educators, among many others.

What makes Cubicstone different than what is currently available?

We are building an educational eco-system that aside from solving real-world problems that schools face, provides a unifying platform so data can flow and be used in new and fresh ways.

Why did you get involved in the Ed-Tech space?

After making (what I thought at the time) a brief transition into education from the technology consulting world, I became hooked on the endless opportunities to not only improve how technology was used in education, but on the opportunity to take part on an educational revolution.

Tell us about your team and their backgrounds

What the Cubicstone team has in common is that we all made transitions from successful careers in the technology industry into schools. We have all spent time in the front-line of education, and have come away with very similar visions of how education should evolve and embrace technology to achieve this transformation.

What is the next step? What do your current goals look like?

We continue to develop data-mining capabilities into our platforms in order to build the foundation for a truly personalized environment and learning experience, which is hyper efficient at data exchange and responsiveness.