DayMak-BEASTImagine if you would an electric bike. Now imagine if that bike was solar powered. Now further imagine if that solar powered, electric bike was optimized for on and off road performance. If you’re thinking that would be one bad ass personal vehicle, you’re absolutely right.

That’s what the folks at Daymak, an innovative company based in Toronto Canada are hoping for.

Daymak calls this vehicle The Beast, and beastly it is. Gizmag called it “A solar powered e-bike for offroad adventure”. Uber Gizmo called it the “Hummer of bicycles”

The Beast is an electric bicycle that acts like a scooter but also has pedals which makes it street legal just about everywhere without the need for a license or a license plate.

The best part about The Beast is that it’s solar powered an d100% green. Daymak says that The Beasts’ solar power unit charges at approximately 1 km/hr or 0.6 miles/hr in any type of daylight. The average e-bike rider goes less than six miles per day so The Beast doesn’t need an AC charger, but don’t worry Daymak includes one for you.

The solar battery pack doubles as a solar generator and comes complete with two USB charging sockets which will allow you to charge your smartphone or tablet.

For the last ten years Daymak has been an e-bike dealer selling e-bikes and electric scooters. They’ve been developing their own e-bike for the last two years which has become The Beast.

The Beast will come in three varieties with the specs noted below:

DayMak-BEAST-SpecsDaymak has a variety of stretch goals that will add some killer components to The Beast, the company writes: “The KMC chain, Shimano Disc Brakes, Samsung batteries and most of all, the leading edge Smart phone app for iPhone and Android that will bring the Beast to the next level! The wireless app will talk directly to the motor and batteries and will allow your phone to display all information such as your speed, distance traveled, GPS, battery level and can act as your key.”

They’re looking to raise $99,000 on Kickstarter and the stretch goals include:
$250,000 upgraded KMC Chain
$350,000 upgraded Shimano disc brakes
$600,000 upgraded Samsung Lithium Batteries
$800,000 that killer smart phone app.

If you’re ready to take to the road, and the hills with The Beast you can check it out here.