Dish Flix

On Wednesday, Dish Network announced that it has become the first major U.S. television provider to integrate the Netflix app into their set-top boxes. The app is now available on Dish Network’s second generation Hopper boxes. Netflix, however, will not be free for Dish subscribers, just easily accessible. Dish Network’s Senior Vice President of Product Management, Vivek Khemka, made a statement about the new partnership:

Pairing Netflix with Hopper represents the consolidation of two incredible video experiences…This app integration eliminates the need to switch television inputs to access content on varying devices. It gives our customers easy access to their favorite shows and movies, on both DISH and Netflix, without ever having to leave their Hopper.1

Dish home screen

Dish said that they plan to roll out app integration across nearly all of their set-top boxes – Joey, Super Joey and Wireless Joey – in the coming months. Also, Dish noted that, “Netflix could be integrated into the search functionality across live, recorded and Video On Demand programs for both the Hopper as well as DISH’s forthcoming OTT service.”2 As Netflix has been maneuvering to increase their customer base, this is certainly a major day for the company. What’s more, as Dish has been hinting at an internet based TV delivery service, it makes perfect sense that they partner with Netflix.

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