DlinRouterThat’s not some crazy looking robotic military drone capable of busting laser sonic caps in your ass, that’s actually one of the newest and fastest routers commercially available to the public.

D-Link showed off the new AC-3200 router along with their AC-5300 and AC-3100 ultra performance, ultra fast routers last week in Las Vegas at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

Now let’s get one big important thing straight first, these routers will NOT increase the speed of the internet coming into your home, however they are capable of distributing the interwebs at speeds of up to 3.2gbps. That means if you’re fortunate (like us) to be on a 1gb fiber pipe than these new D-Link routers won’t have a care in the world handling such mind ripping speeds. The AC-5300 can actually handle 5.3gbps, so fast you could probably fry an egg on it.

With six antennas built into the new routers they provide blazing fast internet all around.

As with most every device at this years CES, these new routers can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet app. For the end user, D-Link has released a new dongle capable of handling these ultrafast speeds.

The AC3200 is available now for $310 and the others will be available later this quarter.