memeHere in the office, I have a two screen setup. I’ve got a 24 inch monitor and a 20 inch monitor. When I am away from my main desktop, however, my laptop has a screen of just under 15 inches. If you work on a dual-screen setup, working on a laptop can be kind of a pain. It’s a real first world problem.

We just came across an awesome Kickstarter campaign that looks to end this problem: DuoScreen:


Finally Dual Screen For A Macbook Laptop

The DuoScreen is easily one of the most useful products I have come across on Kickstarter. The DuoScreen has a ton of features, making it much more than an extra monitor:

  • Increases screen space—an extra 15.6 inches!
  • Screen rotates 180 degrees to let you share your screen with a companion.
  • DuoScreen is self-supportive, and does not require extra table space
  • Vented design to make sure your laptop doesn’t overheat
  • Sleek design looks stylish anywhere
  • Crystal clear 1920 x 1080 resolution HD Screen
  • Ergonomically designed dock features a slight incline for easier typing
  • Discreet USB cord that won’t get caught
  • It lives with your laptop, using elastic bands to securely attach to your laptop so it works as one solid unit1

screenCurrently, there are still a few early bird specials left, pricing the DuoScreen at $239. Yes, that is more than a monitor, but this is not your ordinary monitor. Just take a look at this video: