As we have noted several times, the wearable market is pretty saturated. There are a few different reasons for this, but as of yet, there has yet to be any real solidly defined market. The market is still working itself out. That said, we just came across a new type of health wearable: the Ear-O-Smart:

ear o smart

Ear-o-smart is introducing a new segment in the wearable electronics market, the first smart earring. By combining fashion and electronics, you can now easily monitor your activity level without compromising on looks.

Ear-o-smart connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology and allows you to monitor a wide range of fitness data such as heart rate, calories, and activity level.1

Such a product makes a lot of sense. To date, most of the health and fitness wearables have focused on the wrist and clip-ons. A smart earring, however, offers a good contrast to the market. In-fact, the company said as much in their Kickstarter Campaign:

The wearable market is expanding quickly, but the problem is that your options are very limited; most fitness monitors are limited to wrist based electronics. Would you want to wear a bulky wrist monitor to a party or on a date? We think not…

We believe that wearable electronics should be embedded into the products we use in our everyday lives; for that reason, we created Ear-o-Smart.2

Ear-O-Smart1You can pre-order a set of Ear-O-Smart earrings for $125 CAD, or a little more than $110 USD. Here is a good look at the Ear-O-Smart: