eco-reco1Electric vehicles are the way to go. They allow you to experience the outdoors, commute a little greener and they’re fun to ride. Everything from E-bikes to Segway scooters, INMOTION SCV’s, and even electric versions of the Vespa are gaining popularity especially in dense urban areas.

There are a few problems though.

Most electric vehicles are actually rather heavy because of the battery packs. Many of them are too large to fit on a subway car, bus or the trunk of a car. But that’s where they are needed most, in that last mile.

Maybe you’re a mile from the closest bus stop or subway station and then on the other side of your commute your office or campus is another mile down the road. Ideally any of the electric vehicle options would make that commute a breeze, but they’re hard to take places. Opting for a skateboard, roller blades or a traditional bike may mean that you’re a sweaty mess when you walk into your first meeting of the day, or sit down for your first lecture.

The folks at EcoReco have solved the biggest problems of electric vehicles today with their new M3 E-Scooter. The design is reminiscent of a razor scooter that you probably remember from your childhood (or at least your children’s childhood). It’s collapsible, fits in the trunk of a car and only weighs less than 35 lbs so it’s a breeze to carry up a few stairs, or on or off the bus. When it’s folded up you can throw it in the trunk with a full grocery load as well.

EcoRecoScooterThe greatest part about the EcoReco M3 E-Scooter is it’s impact on the environment, next to nothing.

“The M3 operates on a quiet, electromagnetic motor, which emits zero exhaust and gives off no CO2 emissions. It can reach top speeds of 20 mph, and contains an LFP rechargeable battery, which is the best high-density battery available from both a health-conscious and environmentally friendly standpoint. “ The company said in a statement.

The M3 costs about $1 for every 500 miles you travel on it and it can charge all the way in a littler over 2 hours.

You can check out the EcoReco M3 E Scooter yourself here at