Saundz-iconIn today’s transient world more and more people are moving to English speaking countries, including, of course, the United States. ESOL (English as a second language) isn’t just about kids in school who’ve migrated from another country, people of all ages are learning not just just the language but how to pronounce things in English.

Native English speakers often take pronunciation for granted. At any age learning a new language can be tough but figuring out how to translate words on a screen and sounds as they are described in a lesson can be tricky.

That’s where Saundz comes in.

Saundz is an English language pronunciation app. Users are taught by Simone, a virtual animated teacher and a few of her assistants. Simone dives deep into teaching people who to pronounce words. Saundz shows the user how the mouth should move and the way sounds are made and put together to create words. Simone’s assistant’s, Jack, Maria and John can help the user conceptualize the way the pronunciation should sound coming from a variety of types of accents and of course male and female.

Saundz-ScreenshotSaundz is ideal for students of any age who are looking to learn English, but as they told us in an interview, it’s also perfect for teachers who need more time to dedicate to teaching students to practice pronunciation.  “Since speaking is usually the aspect students are most uncomfortable with when learning a language, Saundz intends to provide them with an ability to improve it on their own, in the privacy of their own home. However, Saundz is also suitable for classroom use where it can be a great asset for teachers who are frequently unable to dedicate enough time and resources to practice pronunciation with each student individually.” they said.

Saundz is similar to Rosetta Stone but Saundz isn’t just teaching the language but rather the pronunciation of the words. These skills can help older professionals who relocate to an American English speaking area who need to be able to keep up. “since General American has become widely spoken throughout the world in a wide variety of situations, from daily life, to politics and business, even the older students who intend to develop their international careers may find many benefits from using Saundz.” the company told us.

In addition to the virtual animation learning Saundz gamifies the experience by allowing users to earn badges as they progress through the lessons. It also keeps track of the users progress in a statistics screen which shows exactly how they scored.

You can check out a demo of Saundz here and check it out in iTunes here.