TiLoTagTiloTag is an exciting new app who’s slogan is “leave messages in their place”. What that means is, using the Tilotag app the a users message is geotagged and then it can be virtually left there in the place it was recorded, uploaded or left. A message can then be left for the public to see or a private group to see. We first introduced the Techfaster audience to TiloTag here.

With the ability to leave messages in their place, Tilotag can be used for geo-messaging. Sure we’ve all experienced geotagging a message or picture and sending it to somebody that isn’t with us at that location. TiloTag does just about the opposite, with purpose.

Imagine if technology like this was around last centuries ago. Abraham Lincoln could have left a TiloTag message using voice, video or pictures as he prepared to sign the Gettysburg Address in Gettysburg. Francis Scott Key could have left rough drafts of the Star Spangled Banner at Fort McHenry or astronauts could have left a TiloTag message at Cape Canaveral as the first Space Shuttle was launching. History could then speak for itself.

KickstarterSure we can’t reproduce history but going forward TiloTag could serve as a quasi time capsule of sorts for future students and future generations. Teachers could also use TiloTag to create modern day tour guide messages about local historical places. Or take the technology one step further and provide a geographically based multimedia experience on a field trip.

The best part is, it’s as easy to use as an app for both the creator and those enjoying the TiloTags.

TiloTags can be left for the general public. If something significant is happening you could leave a TiloTag for people to discover for many years to come for anyone that goes to that location. TiloTags can also be left for private groups so maybe a small class or a special club. Those smaller groups could leave these types of messages and content for future generations of those groups.

You can find out more about TiloTag here and help bring it to life on their Kickstarter page.