math-showercurtainWhen you’re trying to help your child master shapes, colors, words, the alphabet, math facts, site words and other basics that are fundamental to today’s common core education, we often think to look to apps. But even apps have drawbacks.

There are some amazing apps out there for all those basic skill sets but with apps you need a device. The device needs to be charged. The device also needs to be available and in some households that’s not possible all the time.

Another way to learn is with printable worksheets. They can be great as well but sometimes they aren’t convenient.

What if there was a way your child could learn their basic skills without even thinking about it. What if they could learn and practice their basic skills in a fun way, while doing other important things?

That’s the idea behind lifelong educator Roni Bostwick’s newest curriculum venture, Educational Shower Curtains.

Through her company Sanron Educational Enterprises Bostwick has been creating curriculum for elementary school students for years. She loves teaching, and especially loves it when kids are learning without even realizing it.

Educational Shower Curtains are exactly what you’re probably thinking. The shower curtain hangs on your bathtub and is a fully functional shower curtain keeping the water in the tub while you scrub scrub scrub. On the front of the shower curtain is where the magic happens. Bostwick has 6 designs displaying different basic skills.

Each shower curtain comes with a 100 day activity card that ensures children have learning activities with their shower curtain. Educational Shower Curtains mean that kids can learn while they’re going to the bathroom, brushing their teeth, fixing their hair and drying off after the shower.  The best part is that Bostwick has designed the activity cards to actually be used in the shower.

“Our Waterproof Activity Cards are ‘teacher made’ and provide over 100 activities that incorporate skills, concepts, terminology and knowledge that your child will need to succeed in school. These fun activities take just minutes a day and will make learning a fun habit that your child enjoys.” Bostwick said.