As we have said many times before, and as you have no doubt noticed, there are a ton of different “smart” products out there. A majority of these products, even if only a slight majority, are frivolous and not really useful. Of the useful minority of products, there is an even smaller number of products that come with a halfway reasonable price tag. We just came across one of these rare smart products:

Meet Eva

The Eva is a smart shower device. It’s main goal is to offer users a great shower, all the while cutting down on water usage:

Eva is a smart shower device that saves up to 50% of your water usage, while maintaining an enjoyable shower experience. Features include: a setting that shuts off water flow, prior to you entering the shower, when a desired temperature is reached; a unique sensor system that adjusts the water flow based off your needs and a timer that notifies you when you are taking too long of a shower.1

FlowThe Eva acts very much like the Nest thermostat, learning the user’s preferences over time. It also comes loaded with a unique sensor system that changes the flow of water based on your position. When you are directly underneath the Eva, the water flow remains at 100%. As you step back to shampoo or scrub, Eva throttles the flow down to 70%. As you step even further back, to say shave your legs, it throttles the flow down even further to around 40%. All of this throttling is done to maintain a comfortable shower, while cutting back drastically on water usage.

A lot of the initial setup and preferences for the Eva are done through a smartphone app:

Controlled by our specialized smartphone app, Eva can be calibrated to fit different showers, shower heads and user preferences. The app can also track your water usage, habits and savings; providing you with valuable information that can help you learn and conserve even more. With data from thousands of Evas feeding into the app, you will be able to compare your usage with other users, as well as track the trends and changes in water consumption of the entire Eva community.2

AppYou can still grab the $89 early bird special on the Indiegogo Campaign. Once the early bird deals are gone, the price bumps up to a still —reasonable $149. Here is a good look the functionality of Eva:

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