The Favi set-to-connect speaker is a portable speaker dock with a low price point. The speaker comes in black and white and is pleasing to the eye. It is small enough to throw in a backpack but packs a large enough punch to be heard across a decently sized room. It is a good speaker for any casual music listener and would be great if you want show a few friends your music.


Coming in at $29.99 for the iPhone model and $39.99 for the Android model, this speaker is a bargain for anyone wanting to skip wires and bluetooth to easily enjoy music or podcasts. This product skips bluetooth or wires and instead amplifies your phone speakers up to six times just by setting your device on top of the phone stand. There are some advantages and disadvantages with this system. One of the first things I enjoyed was the fact that I did not have to turn on bluetooth or anything else to be able to use this product, all you have to do is set your phone on the stand and enjoy the music. One aspect I didn’t like about the way this works is that you can’t take your phone off the stand or the music will become very faded or non-existent and that becomes rather annoying when receiving a notification that you need to answer.

favi audio picture 2

Favi kept the design of this product very simple and neat with a built in stand and a on and off switch. It charges with a standard micro-usb cable and lasts about six hours of music without plugging in which is perfect for short trips or small events.

favi audio picture

There are different distinct models for iPhone and Android. The test unit received was an iPhone model and didn’t work with a Nexus 5 and worked fairly well with a nexus 7 tablet. Once an iPhone 5c was set on the unit, the music was noticeably louder and of higher quality.


The focus of this product is portability and price point, so don’t expect room-shaking bass that would come out of $200 speakers. While the speaker is small, the sound could be compared to a clock radio or other small bluetooth speaker. But I did find the overall sound quality to be pleasing for a $30 speaker and my phones built in speakers pailed in comparison to the favi audio.


The Favi Set-to-Connect wireless speaker for iPhone is a product with decent quality and great portability while remaining under $40. Anyone interested in music without wanting the pain handing over a wad of cash should seriously consider looking into this product. With that price point, it’s easy to give it a try.