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We just came across a really interesting new app: Fingr. Fingr is unlike anything I have ever seen. Essentially, it is a forum/chat app that is centered around physical locations. We had a chance to ask the developers a few questions about their new app:


What is Fingr?

Fingr is the supreme mobile discussion forum for locations. With Fingr, users have the power to be heros to people in places everywhere. Fingr users can rally people for a meetup at a specific park, or start a discussion about a newsworthy event happening downtown, or even get feedback from others about a potential celebrity sighting.

Fingr puts users in the know faster because it’s location-centric. With Fingr, users tie conversations to a GPS coordinate. Conversations are then overlaid onto the real world, so it’s easy to see what’s being talked about where. Unlike other “hyperlocal” apps, Fingr enables users to talk about the smallest of small locations. Discussions are no longer limited to restaurants, or businesses, or places with an address.

Fingr makes exploring the world more fun!

Why did you build Fingr?

Fingr makes exploring the world more fun.

Fingr helps you stay in the know about the places you — always go, want to go, or might never go.

Hanging out at a bar with friends wondering if the scene is hotter at the bar down the street? Talk with Fingr. Waiting at the airport looking for what’s interesting around the hotel at your final destination? Talk with Fingr. Walking your dog around the block when you see the weirdest thing happening. Talk with Fingr.

How is your product different from what’s already available?

Fingr is unique because we’re built on a dynamic equity model. The harder you work, the more you own in the company.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Fingr was founded by a small, but mighty group of video game veterans, enterprise technology gurus, and a reformed entertainment marketing hack. If you’re looking for buzzwords, Fingr is a hyper-local entertainment company. We don’t make products for everyone, we make them for people who like to have fun — with locations.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Co-Founder & CEO: Randy Guo.
14+ yrs. designing & directing consumer entertainment products ranging from web applications to video games to theme park attractions. Launched 18 products, including several mobile apps that hit number one on the App Store.

Co-Founder & CTO: Riyaz Kasmani.
18+ yrs. building & driving complex data-centric technology projects for Fortune 100 companies. Focus on revenue enhancement, process optimization and fraud prevention.

Co-Founder & CMO: Kim Illige.
14+ yrs. creating compelling experiential marketing campaigns on both the agency and client sides. Currently designing the worldwide holistic employee digital experience for the world’s largest media company.