These pieces form designer Tory Burch are designed to hold the Fitbit Flex tracking device.

Fitbit Tory Burch

Back in February Fitbit announced on their blog that they were partnering with designer Tory Burch to come up with a collection of Fitbit accessories for the Fitbit Flex.

Burch is an award winning designer who has won several fashion awards throughout her career, she’s also ranked as the 79th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine.

As Fitbit grew in popularity they started to realize that the rubberized bands that Fitbit is known for weren’t necessarily the most fashion conscious. Women loved using Fitbit to track their workouts and as much of their daily routine as they could, but if they went to an important business meeting, or out to dinner, the Fitbit stayed home because it just doesn’t match anything.

Now in partnership with Burch they’ve designed a collection of bands, pendants and bracelets that are very fashionable and look more like jewelry than an accessory to hold a wearable device.

“I love using my Fitbit to workout, but I lose half my day when I have to throw it back in my gym bag, especially when the weather is nice like this and I’m wearing short sleeves” Jennifer Edwards an athletic trainer in Atlanta told us.

Fitbit began sending out emails yesterday to let their customers know that the Tory Burch collection is now available for pre-sale. The collection features a variety of designs in a variety of price ranges to fit into anyone’s budget. According to the Tory Burch website the Tory Burch for Fitbit collection should start shipping by August 31st.

You can check out the collection here.