fixyalogoThe latest Fixya report has hit the internet detailing the biggest issues and headaches for PS4, Xbox One and Wii U users. Most Xbox One users are breathing a sigh of relief that there hasn’t been any issues like the “red ring of death” yet for Microsoft’s Next Gen system but there are some bugs. The same is being said of the Sony PS3’s yellow light of death. Luckily both manufacturers kept Fixya’s report on the easy side.

Xbox One

For the Xbox One the biggest source of frustration seems to be coming from the Kinect. Several survey respondents to the Fixya report have said they had problems with the Kinect not recognizing voice commands, not identifying the user and motion detection being slow. Another problem for the Xbox One was random shut down. “Other” came in at 20%, video integration came in at 15% and cached pages at 10%.

Also, outside of the Fixya report, many Xbox One users with fixed theater/media room installations with a projector have reported their distaste for the upgrade in the Kinect to a proprietary cable, not allowing them to host the Kinect at the front of the room and the system in the back. The previous generation Kinect was a standard USB connection and users with projector installations could get a USB extension cord and solve the problem.

PS 4

The PS4’s most common issue is random shut down. These shut downs are often coming after the “Red Light Of Death” an indication that the console has overheated or the “Blue Light Of Death” which is a faulty HDMI connection. These are easily remedied by allowing breathing room for your PS4 and insuring that your connections are fully inserted. Sony reported, almost immediately after launch that these problems only affected 4% of users.

Wii U

For the Wii U the biggest problem is random freezing with the GamePad not far behind at 30%. The most common problem seems to be the game on the GamePad freezing. Other GamePad included lagging and problems with the internet connection.

You can check out the entire report here.