Fizzly-1If you were to sit down and map out all of the potential uses for smart tags your head would be spinning. There’s probably an infinite amount of ways you can use any of the smart tags that are on the market today or coming on the market soon by way of Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

Well one company, Fizzly, is embracing all the creative things that you can actually do with a smart tag, and encouraging their users, supporters and backers to just do it.

Want to use a smart tag to simulate bells on your kids shoes, go for it. Want to use a smart tag to turn a light on as a drawer opens, you can go for that too. Want to use a smart tag to make sure you don’t lose your keys, that’s certainly easy enough. Want to use a smart tag to keep track of your radical skateboard moves, again you can do that.

Fizzly-1tagUntil now, creators in the world of wearables and the “internet of things” wanted you to believe that you needed a different smart tag for each of these use cases, which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The team behind Fizzly knows how creative someone can be with a smart tag and encourages their users to do whatever your heart desires with their app enabled tag.

Right out of the box the motion sensing tags are easy to set up for a multitude of uses. Combine that with a customizable app and an open source API/SDK component and you’ve got the smart tag device the world has been waiting for.

Fizzly can be used for any number of fun activities and for every day activities too, like sending a signal to your phone when there is new mail.

The possibilities around Fizzly are endless.

With Macro actions you can program Fizzly to do almost anything you want the same way you “program” the IFTTT platform, for example you could shake your Fizzly to turn off your Philips Hue lightbulb or swipe it to send a tweet to a friend.

There are a lot of Fizzly apps and games currently available, and it’s easy to customize your own.l You can check out Fizzly and it’s hundreds of uses here.