FocalyztopLytro is an amazing company that has created a camera that was all the rage at SXSW in 2013. The camera allows the user to shoot first and focus later. Wouldn’t that be great if that technology was in an app?

How many times have you pulled out your smartphone to take a real fast picture but missed the actual moment in a blur?

That’s the idea behind Focalyz, a smartphone app that allows users to shoot now and focus later. The technology is called depth of field and it allows users to move the focal point just by tapping on the screen of their smartphone.

This isn’t just a fly by night idea based on the Lytro camera. Co-Founders, Roland Butcher and Gino Giorgi started a company called Deepfield in 2012 in Perth Australia. The duo, who are both local marketing and brand experts wanted to make smartphone photography an extremely easy process and do away with bad photos all together.

“We plan to give smart phone users the ability to take photos that automatically generate a Depth of Field effect – with no manual editing required. Furthermore, the user will be able to move the area of focus AFTER the photo has been taken, just by tapping the screen. We call this Dynamic Depth of Field. ” They said on their Kickstarter page.

focalyz-imageBut they don’t just want the dynamic depth of field technology at the finger tips of the photographer, Focalyz will also include a function that allows the photographer to share the photo with someone else who can also change the depth of field and highlight a different photograph, taking photo sharing to an entirely new level.

But wait there’s more…

“Our technology is systematically designed to do other cool effects. For example, imagine yourself taking a photo of a friend and deleting the background just by tapping the screen. Then imagine, selecting a photo of the Eiffel tower and sliding it behind the head and shoulders of your friend’s image.  It’s possible, and it wont be too long before it’s available on the app stores.” Giorgi said.

Focalyz is currently on Kickstarter. They’re also another creator team that has found an innovative way to incentivize their app project. Rather than just a bunch of high fives, Focalyz will send backers photo kits starting with a $20 pledge that include postcard sized prints of their Focalyz photos.

You can check them out now here.