FreshAir1We’ve all been there, we’ve had a great meal that did a workover in our stomachs and now it’s time for an embarrassing number two. You realize that you can’t get out of your hosts house in time and you’re going to have to do your duty in their bathroom. How are you going to get rid of the odor?

Adam Payz, an inventor based in Nashville has come up with the solution, and it’s in the toilet seat.

FreshAir2The Fresh Air Plus toilet seat has a sensor that detects when someone is sitting on the toilet. At that time it activates an exhaust fan that’s actually in the bowl and pushes the smell out of an exhaust hose and out of the bathroom. The Fresh Air Plus keeps the bathroom smelling fresh, but it also helps save money on energy costs.

“Traditional ceiling odor-removal fans are an inefficient solution because they allow odors to permeate into the room before removing. They also suck out heated and cooled air, causing you to lose money on your utilities. ” the company says on their Kickstarter page.  

The Fresh Air Plus toilet seat is able to get the odors out of the bathroom before they diffuse into the air making the bathroom fresh for the next person without heavy perfumes, or air fresheners that only temporarily mask the problem.

Will it work? Will you pick one up for your home? Tell us below in the comments.