FutureHome-topErik Stokkeland worked as an installation for Siemens and other companies, installing home control systems for nearly a decade. As an installation engineer and technician Stokkeland saw first hand the problems with current home automation and control systems on the market.

The biggest drawbacks to current systems is that they’re outdated virtually the minute they’re installed. They’re complicated to use and inflexible to install. Besides being a pain in the ass for a homeowner, current systems can be very costly.

FutureHome-AppsThat’s why he got together with a great team to create FutureHome a new home automation and control system that can control all your home systems, including:

  • Intelligent lighting
  • Climate control (Heating and Air)
  • Shading (blinds and curtains)
  • Appliances
  • Safety and Security
  • Power
  • Irrigation and much more.

FutureHome has created their own components that are maintenance free. Sensors and switches harvest their own energy meaning you won’t have to waste money or time fiddling with batteries.

FutureHome-hubThe system includes a smart hub, smart plug, occupancy sensor, magnet contact, Temperature sensor, actuator, sensors and switches. It’s all tied together wirelessly through a smart hub and all managed wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet. The company has already been testing the system in pilot homes for the past year.

While there are other systems out there, FutureHome offers a better proposition to home owners with their maintenance free components and their commitment to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to home control and automation. FutureHome wants to be the future proof home control and automation system.

You can find out more here at futurehome.no or here