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User feedback is a great tool for any business. However, online companies have a hard time getting this feedback. That said, we just came across a new company that makes it incredibly easy to get user feedback: GetSmily. We had a chance to ask the team a few questions about their new software:


What is GetSmily?

GetSmily’s software allows companies to measure the emotional engagement of their stakeholders (customers, partners, visitors) right from their websites thanks to a widget collecting user feedback and web analytics. The reports provide an in-depth view on how people feel and why they experience such emotions towards the company, its products or services. The unique algorithm behind the technology provides a unique KPI called the Emoscore® included in the report; it will guide companies to take strategic decisions (marketing, communication, technical and/or managerial) in order to improve their relationships with their stakeholders. GetSmily’s technology is available in 14 languages in SaaS and includes a FREE version.

 Why did you build GetSmily?

Companies are often looking at their customers like data points; we believe organisations should be more human in their interaction with their stakeholders.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Our product brings a simple and easy to understand solution to the small business owner up to the large size company looking to get a simple view on their quantitative performances on the web (web analytics) as well as qualitative towards their stakeholders. Based on a few charts, concrete actions can be taken to improve the existing situation. Our product – permanent feedback combined with web analytics – provides then a measurement system that demonstrates the benefits of the adaptations implemented. Our customers include energy suppliers, e-commerce stores, insurance providers, telecom operators, national lottery, etc.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

David Hachez, CEO of GetSmily was the driver behind some other initiatives such as Raz*War, launched in 2009 and taken over by a private investment fund in 2012. Precisely two years ago, thanks to the facilitation of the LTTO and the Louvain School of Management (LSM), he got acquainted to David Frenay, biomedical civil engineer, master of physics, bachelor of mathematics and physics and International Mathematical Olympiad Medal Winner, who has been at the origin of the detection of emotions. He currently holds the position of CTO.