Gilmo-DeviceI’m petrified of password managers. I’m the one guy in my incredibly tech savvy circle of friends that doesn’t have an account with any of the major password management companies. Why? Because what if they get hacked. Forget the Target hack or the Home Depot hack, a giant hacking of one of the major password management platforms in it will be doomsday in the United States. If you think the Russian hackers aren’t Gilmoworking on this 24 hours a day you’re wrong.

What about writing passwords down on a piece of paper? For the most part that’s what I do and I do it in code. Then I take a picture of the paper and keep that on my phone, in a password protected picture vault from NQ Mobile. I know call me paranoid right?

Changing my passwords is the biggest pain in the ass ever because I have to update this semi analog system as quick as I can.

Until now (you knew that was coming right)?

Australian developers have created Gilmo, the ultimate password manager.

Gilmo-InUseAt first glance it seems a little primitive compared to today’s technology but in this case, almost like my paper method, going un-connected in a device is eons better than being connected. Gilmo is a memory bank device that allows you to create, save, store and organize tons of encrypted password data.

The device is not connected to the web in any way shape or form and is protected by a password itself. Like most good devices and programs if you lose it and someone tries to break into it xx amount of times, it completely wipes the memory.

Gilmo fits in your pocket so you can keep it with you at all times and this way you always have your passwords by your side. Gilmo makes it extremely easy to use stealth mode on browsers, and elect to NOT save password data, two things that can cripple someone if penetrated.

Gilmo is extremely easy to use:

“In today’s society, almost everyone has sensitive information that needs to be stored and accessed readily , and so we wanted to make the device easy to use. To achieve this, we have designed a very easy to use icon based interface to allow access to all the available functions and integrated a comprehensive set of help screens that will guide the user when required. We are confident that the menu system is so easy to use that we don’t include a user manual. Simply turn the unit on and follow the prompts.” The company says on their Kickstarter page. 

Most people walk around thinking their passwords are safe using any number of services like LastPass, KeePass or PassWordSafe. Those are the same people that thought it was totally safe to swipe their credit card at Target and Home Depot.

Gilmo is even perfect for fleets because while it can’t connect to the internet the devices can be connected for fleet deployment of passwords. It makes it perfect for IT Managers with huge fleets of passwords to manage.

You can preorder Gilmo on Kickstarter now and find out more here. 

Sure Gilmo adds another device to your device repertoire but in the long run it’s more than worth it.