Android L

On Wednesday, Google unveiled some major new products and software. After months of speculation, it was revealed the the latest Android, until Wednesday “Android L,” is Android 5.0 Lollipop. On top of that, Google also revealed the newest additions to the Nexus line of smartphones and tablets: The Nexus 6 and the Nexus 9. Even further, Google also unveiled the first device to run on AndroidTV: The Nexus Player. We already covered Android L pretty extensively, so we will dive right into the new devices, starting with the Nexus 6:

Nexus 6

In the Nexus 6, Google is sticking to its tradition of offering modified versions of handsets that are currently available. The Nexus 4, for example, was based off of the LG Optimus G, and the Nexus 5 was based off of the LG G2. In line with this trend, the Nexus 6 is remarkably similar to Motorola’s new Moto X, only much larger. I will go ahead and put my bias out there: I owned a 1st generation Moto X and that was easily the best Android device I have ever used. Anyhow, the first thing that really jumps out is the size of the device. The Nexus 6 features a six-inch Quad HD display.1 To give you an idea, the Nexus 6 display is larger, only slightly, than the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 display.

Nexus 6 alt

The screen size is not the only eye popping feature. Here is a quick look at the high-points from Motorola’s announcment:

  • More room to view: With a six-inch Quad HD display, Nexus 6 is great for watching, reading, playing and doing.
  • More doing, less charging: An around-the-clock 3220 mAh battery gets you through your day and more. Plus, the included Motorola Turbo Charger gives you a quick burst of power when your battery needs it the most. All it takes is 15 minutes to get up to an additional 6 hours of battery life.
  • More epic shots: The 13 megapixel camera with Optical Image Stabilization and HDR+ lets you take your best possible photos with the least possible effort.
  • More sound in stereo: With dual front-facing stereo speakers, you’ll get an immersive stereo sound that is great for experiencing music, movies and games as you should.
  • More with Lollipop: Nexus 6 comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop – a sweet new take on Android. Lollipop introduces Material Design so that content responds to your touch, or even your voice, in more intuitive ways, and transitions between tasks are more fluid. Plus, new call and message notifications allow you to act on (or dismiss) them without interrupting what you’re doing. And much much more.2

Perhaps the only negative aspect of the new device is the price tag. The Nexus 6 is set to sell for $649.

Google also announced a new addition to the Nexus tablet line as well:

Nexus 9

The Nexus 9 was built through a partnership with HTC, and represents HTC’s first tablet in a long time. Here is what Google had to say about the new tablet:

Next, a new tablet built in partnership with HTC. Nexus 9, with brushed metal sides and 8.9-inch screen, is small enough to easily carry around in one hand, yet big enough to work on. And since more and more people want to have the same simple experience they have on their tablets when they have to do real work, we designed a keyboard folio that magnetically attaches to the Nexus 9, folds into two different angles and rests securely on your lap like a laptop.3

On top of all that, Google also released the Nexus Player:

Nexus Player

Again, we will defer to Google’s description:

Finally, we’re releasing the first device running Android TV: Nexus Player, a collaboration with Asus, is a streaming media player for movies, music and videos. It’s also a first-of-its-kind Android gaming device. With Nexus Player you can play Android games on your HDTV with a gamepad, then keep playing on your phone while you’re on the road. Nexus Player is Google Cast Ready so you can cast your favorite entertainment from almost any Chromebook or Android or iOS phone or tablet to your TV.4

Though the company chose to release these devices quietly, with a blog post here and there, it represents a monumental leap, in terms of hardware offerings. It will be exciting to play with these new devices.

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