Groove-TopThe team behind the Groove smart and fitness watch had something different in mind when they decided to get into the wearable space. After evaluating everything that was on the market today, they quickly realized that most of the smart devices and wearable technology was solely focused on the data. They decided to switch gears and make the Groove more personal, more social and involve your network and community.

Groove is a smart watch. It tells time, keeps track of your alerts, calendar and apps, and it also tracks your fitness. Most importantly though, the team at Groove understands that not everyone is a personal athlete. They’ve “bridged the gap between every day life and fitness needs”, Steve Suri, Groove’s founder said.

To do that, they’ve designed the interface to wrap around a person’s life style. They’ve also made Groove extremely easy to use.

Groove is also about community though. It’s great to have fitness goals to work against yourself but sometimes it’s more helpful to involve a community. That’s why Groove is setting up a community that will allow users to help inspire friends to reach their goals. It will also help the user get inspired to reach their goals as well.

Groove’s social network updates and tracks all the user’s health data and then keeps the user’s support community informed on how well they’re sticking to their fitness goals.

Groove’s data features include:

  • Workout recording
  • Notifications
  • Movement tracking
  • Intensity monitoring
  • Sweat levels
  • Calories

The technology behind groove works off their own MotivEngine. “With MotivEngine inside, a set of algorithms that accurately monitors your motion, schedule, and vitals – heart-rate, sweat, stress, and oxygen levels – you can be on top of your fitness needs. Groove constantly learns your habits and will remind you when your falling short of your goals. ” the company says on their Indiegogo page.

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Groove will keep you informed in real time and can even let you know when you break from your normal routine.

Best of all Groove is coming to market with a design that people will love right out of the box. You can find out more about Groove here.