Hosted PBX can be defined as cloud-based telephone service where both the platform and the PBX features are hosted at the physical location of a service provider. As a customer, you then connect via IP to the service provider for their telephone service. By using this particular innovation in telecommunications, it helps your business save money, allow all your employees to work from anywhere, gives your company a better image, and boosts business productivity.


Here are five of the unique features associated with this telecommunications system:

1.  You can save money because long distance calling is included, there is little or no hardware needed to set up your telephone system, and you can add, remove, or change features using an intuitive web interface. Additionally, many telephone service features are included in the price like voicemail and e-mail.

2.  You can work from anywhere—from your office, on the road, at a hotel, or from home.

3.  You can call from anywhere in the world, calling your home office overseas as easily as if you were calling from a block away. Moreover, you can use any device you like to make your calls like a laptop, Smartphone, or landline phone.

4.  You can impress new customers when they call because they will immediately get the impression that they are calling a large company, even if you only have a small to medium-sized firm. In fact, many of the features rival those used by Fortune 500 companies and multinationals. For instance, you can use a customized automated voice system called an auto-attendant, redirect callers to different staff members or departments, and get local area numbers even if your business is an international one like an import-export business that requires you to be in different geographical locations around the world. Finally, there is even the classy feature of entertaining callers on hold with your own selection of music.

5.  You can improve the overall operations of your business because you will be using an enhanced telecommunication system that will allow you to follow key metrics, produce detailed reports, track real-time telephone usage, monitor sales training conversations, or automatically record telephone calls.

Traditional PBX Vs Hosted PBX

Companies interested in PBX technology are often conflicted on whether they should get a traditional PBX or Hosted PBX. While traditional PBX is based on a company setting up their own PBX system, Hosted PBX allows a third-party to take care of all the details.

Hosted PBX is hands-down the easier choice and also far more cost-effective in the short and long run. Hosted PBX from Megapath, for example, gives users as many as 50 telephone features to empower their clients to stay competitive, such as voicemail transcri    bed as email, call recording, and auto attendant.


You can continue to keep your existing traditional telephone system and use Hosted PBX to service current telephone landlines. This is one solution for companies who simply want to overlay virtual systems over their traditional telecommunication services. However, newer or more flexible companies may prefer to build their entire telephone services on Hosted PBX services as this will save the cost of paying for both the Hosted PBX service and their traditional services.


A Hosted PBX offers numerous benefits to all sizes of business across a broad spectrum of industries. They offer features that suit a wide range of business models–local or international operations as well as in traditional or emerging markets. Although a business may be the only one of its kind, there are plans and equipment to meet all unique needs. In short, Hosted PBX can be deployed in a wide range of environments.