XboxOne_lgHeaderHow Many Xbox One’s Has Microsoft Sold?

That’s the question everybody has but Microsoft is mum about. It’s been months since the Redmond based computer giant has disclosed their sales numbers for their next-gen console. That didn’t change on Tuesday when Microsoft gave their quarterly earnings call, reports

They did state that they sold 1.1 million Xbox units total in the past three months but that number accounts for both Xbox One’s and the Xbox 360. The 360 is still selling a fair amount of units for Microsoft because of pricing and bundle changes that took place with the release of the next-gen console.  Geekwire points out that this number is only 100,000 more units than the same quarter last year, before the Xbox One was released.

In the previous quarter of 2014 Microsoft did say that they had sold 3.2 million Xbox consoles including 1.2 million Xbox Ones. In March 2014, the last time Microsoft revealed sales figures behind the Xbox One, the company sold 311,000 Xbox Ones.  Although in May they revealed that they had “shipped” five million Xbox One’s worldwide since their release in November.

The PS4 continues to outsell the Xbox One by a margin of around 2:1. That includes the month of June when Microsoft started selling a Kinect-less console for $399, $100 less than the rollout price which included the Kinect device.

Microsoft Computing and Gaming Hardware posted $1.44 billion dollars in revenue for the quarter which was up from $1.17 billion the same quarter last year. Even though there was an increase year over year, that figure includes tablets, and gaming consoles so in retrospect the Xbox One isn’t making that significant an impact.