backtoschooltechEdTech’s version of Kassandra, Audrey Watters has been keeping track of teacher’s most anticipated back to school tech since 2010, ya know before EdTech was so amazingly huge.

After a summer of being inundated with the latest and greatest in tech for the classroom we’ve seen a lot of great stuff. ISTE 2014 along with the National Association of Elementary School Principals conferences connected educators with the newest in tech from hardware to software, learning platforms and class management devices. What was your favorite?

HackEducation would love to know. With more and more teacher’s finding that they are “Tech Savvy” there’s an even better opportunity this year to navigate the waters of the EdTech world.

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So is your favorite new educational technology a teacher tool, a classroom tool, an app, a game, a device? Whatever it is, you can let HackEducation know here.