JimmyJohns-1If you live in a college down or surbanite area you are probably familiar with the Jimmy Johns cold sub chain. Jimmy Johns delivers subs, which we think are pretty darn good, freaky fast (and freaky good).

Obviously like all sub shops that deliver, credit cards are a major part of their business. Well numerous outlets reported on Wednesday that Jimmy Johns had succomb to some freaky fast hackers.

The security breach dates back to June 16th and as recently as September 5th. Reuters reports that hackers were able to gain login credentials through a third party vendor to Jimmy Johns. Once in the Jimmy Johns POS system they were able to remotely access other stores POS systems and possibly credit card information form customers from each of those 216 stores.

This breach seems very similar in method to the security breaches at Target (last holiday season) and Home Depot (earlier this summer). The Target breach affected nearly 40 million customers while the Home Depot breach took the cake as the biggest with over 56 million customers possibly affected. While it’s the same method as the other breaches it’s not believed to be part of the same network of Russian based cyber criminals unless they were doing it “for fun”. Jimmy Johns is a much smaller target than these hackers have taken in the past.

“Cards impacted by this event appear to be those swiped at the stores, and did not include those cards entered manually or online,” Jimmy John’s said on Wednesday.

The problem has reportedly been contained and it’s once again safe to use your credit card at Jimmy Johns.