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There are a ton of different wearables out there. Some good, and some bad. However, aside from several health and fitness trackers, and safety devices, you could make the case that the majority of these devices serve more as an extension of your cellphone than anything else. Why is the cellphone the only device getting wearable love. Well, we just came across a unique new Kickstarter Campaign that expands the scope of wearables into the desktop computer realm. This is the Kuff:


Although a bit bulky, the Kuff has a solid benefit proposition:

KUFF is wearable solid state storage that features patent pending technology to bring to you a device that is scratch-proof, shatter resistant, water resistant, and fully customizable.

Is it a SmartWatch? Simply put, No. 1

The Kuff comes in several different varieties with,  “Solid State mSATA drive in capacities from 16 GB up to 1 TB.”2 The device is much more than storage. Here is a look at the features of the wearable storage:

Solid State Disk vs. USB Flash Drives
Although both use “flash memory,” the architecture and capability of the solid state disks within the KUFF are entirely different

Wireless Bluetooth Connection vs. Wired USB 3.0 Connection
Bluetooth and other wireless connections can be less secure than a simple wired connection when it comes to original content

Smartwatch vs. KUFF
KUFF is not a smart watch // #notAwatch – KUFF is a wearable audio and data storage device for artists and professionals

Customizable & Interchangeable
Interchangeable straps in over 25 different colors and styles. Don’t like the color of your KUFF anymore? you can send it in for another!

Replace externals and USB thumb drives
Replace all dinky flash and heavy duty external drives with KUFF that is ready, on the go, and looks really cool.3

Kuff Limited

While, perhaps, a bit too bulky to wear, the device makes an excellent storage device. You can pre-order the Kuff from $110 on the Kickstarter Campaign. Here is a good look at the device: