Lumos-Top-1Schools are getting smarter, more technologically advanced. EdTech isn’t something for just early adopters and teachers living on the cutting edge. Technology is becoming firmly entrenched in today’s modern classroom and this trend is only going to continue.

Right now that presents a problem for lots of schools, which until now, didn’t have a very good solution.

Indiegogo-BackWith all the different technology in the classroom; projectors, smart boards, PC’s, Android tablets, Chromebooks, iPads, Macs and other video and A/V solutions, days of changing out one wire for another are over. The film strip projector on a caddy with a speaker is a thing of the past. And today’s teachers aren’t even wheeling tvs into the classroom anymore. Projectors and smartboards have made teaching a lot easier and a lot more advanced, except for the actual set up and usage.

When teacher’s and students are ready to start their day they don’t want to fumble around with a piece of technology and try and figure out why a tablet isn’t showing on the projector or smart board. Even worse, teachers don’t have the time to navigate through a spaghetti load of cords to figure out what plugs into what.

When it’s time to work in a classroom everyone wants to get to work.

That’s where the Lumos Android powered smart hub for the classroom comes in. Lumos makes sense out of the technology mess that teachers and students face every day.

The folks at Lumos have thought of every possible a/v and digital need in the modern classroom and created one simple to use box to control it all, from an app.

Lumos-TopThe Lumos Smart Hub handles video routing from whatever source the teacher wants to use. It even makes it easy to quickly change from one source to another. Imagine having a great video you want to show students cued up on your laptop, and another video on your tablet. Switch back and forth effortlessly. Maybe a student found a great picture of the material on their tablet, one touch of a button and you’re now on that source.

The Lumos Smart Hub creates a wireless control for all of the a/v and digital technology used in today’s modern classroom. Their four in-ceiling speaker system, combined with the Lumos’ stylish and funcional microphone means that every student, can hear the teacher no matter where the student is sitting or where the teacher is standing. Of course listening is as important in today’s CCSS classroom as all other learning so it’s even more important today to make sure every student can hear the teacher.

Lumos-infoLumos has even thought about schools which may still be a little behind in technology and included both HDMI inputs and outputs along with VGA, so even if the projector is as old as the teacher, it can still be part of the Lumos system.

For administrators and districts the Lumos Smart Hub eliminates the need for extra a/v workers. Once installed and after a quick training with the teacher, all of their a/v and digital needs can quickly be handled themselves.

Lumos has even thought about wireless connectivity. Long gone are the days that you teach with a tablet in one room only to have it routed through a router three classrooms down the hall with 90 students on it. Lumos creates its own broadcast network so now everything stays in the same room and there’s no lag.

Lumos takes the headache out of EdTech in the classroom. Now they want to share it.

“We plan on using every dollar pledged to place a SmartHub into the hands of a teacher in our nationwide crowdfunded pilot program. Teachers across the nation are being encouraged to set up micro campaigns on our website and then use the power of the crowd to get their friends, family, and fellow educators to help fund their micro campaign. You too can donate to a teacher’s micro campaign at or you can simply pledge and we will apply your donation to a teacher who tried but was unable to reach the needed amount to get a SmartHub.   ”

So go back Lumos on Indiegogo now.