Earlier this summer, we heard reports about an upcoming smartwatch from Microsoft. Now, Forbes is reporting that the device could launch as soon as a few weeks:

Microsoft is gearing up to launch a wearable device within the next few weeks, Forbes has learned. The gadget is a smart watch that will passively track a wearer’s heart rate and work across different mobile platforms. It will also boast a battery life of more than two days of regular use, sources close to the project say.1

There are a few important things that can be gleaned from this news. First, this shows that Microsoft’s new – new-ish anyway – CEO Satya Nadella is not scared to launch a product in a new category. Further, there is one important bit in the passage above: The device will “work across different mobile platforms.” This is a clear indicator of the company’s shift away from a Windows-centric business model. The device itself also sounds quite intriguing. If it indeed does have a battery life of 2+ days, it would instantly become the clear leader in battery life. This is a developing story, and we will check back in in a few days.

  1. Parmy Olsen, Forbes, “Microsoft Plans To Launch A Wearable Device Within Weeks,” 19 October 2014